Friday, February 05, 2010


"Reporting live" this morning from 80th and Dodge, SuxNews reporter Nadia Singh warned "Daybreak" viewers of slick conditions on I-80, I-480, and "I-JFK."

Has anyone ever advised this woman to think about what she's going to say before she's on the air? It might be worth a shot.


KentuckyRain68 said...

Sorry, but no amount of education can fix being a ditz. But at the very least they could read English for Dummies 101.

Cogitor said...

Jesus H., people. If all she did was put an extra "I" in before JFK when she'd just finished rattling off a few other "I" names, well, that's a pretty banal misstep that anyone could have made. Including anyone who may have read "English for Dummies 101". She didn't grow up hearing the road referred to as the Kennedy Freeway, and I doubt there was a PA on location shuffling cue cards. For God's sake, they're not going to do another take on a live shot so she could fix a little thing like that. With all the substandard crap the local stations put out on a daily basis, there had to be something better to post.

Gotta give her a pass on this one, Ted. But keep on truckin'. It won't be long before they'll all be shooting video of drunks at 7:00 AM at Clancy's now that Martin Luther Keeeng day is over!

EJ said...

Sorry, Cogitor, I disagree. She's (allegedly) a journalist. Accuracy is the journalist's stock in trade. There is no I-JFK. She is wrong, and it's worth noting.

A pass here and a pass there. It's a slippery slope. Next thing you know, it will be OK for Fubar to refer to the U.P. Railroad as United Pacific, simply because she's new to the area.

Cogitor said...

Yes, she is supposed to be a journalist. And yes, she should have her ducks in a row. She should've gotten there 90 minutes before the shot and interviewed everyone within a four-mile radius to make sure she pronounced the name of the road correctly. Maybe she actually did, and just misspoke. You've never misspoken on a live shot? Have you ever been involved in a live shot? Maybe you have...maybe not.

No, there's no I-JFK. But to suggest that something like that is as egregious as mispronoucing a nationally-known company name, or making a factual error or mispronunciation of ANYTHING in a pre-produced package is just not realistic.

All I'm saying is that for as much crap as WOWT and their competitors put out only on days that end in "Y", slamming Singh for that seems like a nit pick.

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