Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our inquisitive reader's request for info on a 1960s Omaha anchor prompted a cascade of responses, many noting that the local paper's Mike Kelly did a story on the subject several years ago, and others pointing toward numerous newspaper articles on the Google Books website.

Here is that inquisitive reader's follow-up letter, in full:

I want to thank you and your alert readers for the information on Fritz Johnson/Larry Bader. It only took a day after you posted my information request on your web-site that I started getting responses. I now know the name, circumstances and details of Fritz Johnson/Larry Bader's disappearance from Ohio and appearance in Omaha but the conclusion of the story with his death from cancer a year later.
I want to particularly thank Rick, kdklown, Drew, Checkin' It Out and John not just for the information but to links where I was able to find additional information.
Again, I appreciate the efforts of your well-informed readers.


Sometimes, we get the feeling that someone at SuxNews does this stuff just to get us to write about their sorry operation.

This is a screencap of a story awaiting viewers at at the SuxNews Facebook page. 

Our only gripe is that the face above the caption isn't that of J-Pa Knicely, Jimmy Thiedlecki, Brian Mastre, or Justin Joseph.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


An alert reader, unable take it anymore, writes,
Been reading this site for as long as it's been up...
But I finally have to bag on 6...
Pretty sure UNO's news cast isn't near as bad as tonight's 6 o'clock cast... 
Dundee murder, they've been hyping it as a new international twist...
John Chapman never said a word about anything international...
Come on!
Do they have any idea bad they have gotten?
If they do, they do a remarkable job of hiding it. In fact, they always seem to exude a certain smug pride.

Another exasperating aspect of the Chapman report was his assertion that the murder "has shook up" Dundee. How lazy (and grammatically embarrassing) can this guy get before they fire him? (Then again, how many Suxers have we asked that about, only to find there's apparently no limit to what they'll tolerate?)

Monday, February 22, 2010


KMTV has named a new news director: a guy named Al Carl.

According to his Facebook page, Carl is a graduate of Gretna High School and the University of Nebraska College of Journalism.

In the TV biz, since 1985, Carl's resumé includes stints in Scottsbluff; Mason City; Sault Saint Marie, Michigan; Saginaw, Michigan; Albany, New York; Huntsville, Alabama (two stations); Savannah, Georgia; and, most recently, two stations in Kansas City. He has not been at any single station for five years.

Given the revolving door at Action 3rd, that sounds about right.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


OK, we're shallow, but are we the only ones who think WOWT weekend anchor Jaime McCutcheon is displaying the largest mammaries in memory for a local TV personality?

Not even 1970s KMTV "weathergirl" Carol Scott could match McCutcheon's post-pregnancy attributes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just received this from an alert, inquisitive reader. 

I am trying to do some research on Omaha television news from back in the early 1960s and I am hoping you may be able to give me a helping hand or point me in the right direction.
 As I recall, there was an on-air newscaster, possibly on KETV, in the early 1960s. It turned out that he had abandoned his family and previous life in Minnesota (at least I think it was Minnesota). Someone from Minnesota was in Omaha and saw him on TV and contacted his family. He claimed to have had a boating accident while fishing and suffered from amnesia and settled in Omaha. I believe he then returned to his previous life.
 Does this sound familiar in any way? I am trying to track down the facts of the story. Can you shed any light on it or pass me along to someone else who may be of some help?
This sounds more like a "Guiding Light" storyline or an old "Unsolved Mysteries" segment. However, if any of you oldtimers know can fill in any blanks, please enlighten us via the comments feature, or shoot us an email.

Perhaps YOU could solve a mystery.

Monday, February 15, 2010


From an alert reader:

Pretty run of the mill story here about cheating websites:

The kicker being that the reporter of the story is one "Jum Siedlecki".

(They might go back and fix it, but right now it refers to "Jum")

So either WOWT has employed Jimmy's long lost half brother, or a certain WOWT anchor is having trouble spelling his own first name.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jimmy Thiedlecki Name of the Day

THIG-ur-thun: Surname of Omaha City Council member who resigned Thursday. 

Do you suppose they giggle in the control room when they give him copy full of "s" words and he starts reading? Somewhat like this, perhaps?...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First, there was the "polar plunge."

Then came the "sun glare" craze.

Now, Giggly Jim Flowers and the Ejacuweather Hour-by-Hour Forecast Authority team have settled on their latest jargony obsession: "snow grains."

If he said it once during Wednesday's 6 p.m. Suxcast, he said it 20 times. (In the midst of all this, dimwit anchor J-Pa Knicely couldn't stop talking about cracker crumbs he found in the weather center.)

For us, that place is the gift that keeps on giving.


Hate what television news has become?

A large part of the blame goes to two men: Frank Magid, who died yesterday at age 78, and Al Primo.

Magid was responsible for the invention, development, and distribution of "Action News," starting in 1965. Primo created "Eyewitness News," a similar beast, at approximately the same time.

While we can blame the two men who popularized the idea, it's probably not fair to hold them responsible for the myriad examples of terrible execution which ensued.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ejacuweather on Steroids

Brought to our attention by an alert reader, this video of an AccuWeather meteorologist reflects what we figure goes on inside Jim Flowers anytime there's a chance of out-of-the-ordinary weather.

Compared to this guy, Giggly Jim looks like the model of self-control.


Sloppy proofreading seems to have spread to "Your Newspaper."

Another moonlighting Suxer, perhaps?

Friday, February 05, 2010


"Reporting live" this morning from 80th and Dodge, SuxNews reporter Nadia Singh warned "Daybreak" viewers of slick conditions on I-80, I-480, and "I-JFK."

Has anyone ever advised this woman to think about what she's going to say before she's on the air? It might be worth a shot.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Wednesday's 5 p.m. SuxNews "Live at Five" broadcast opened with another vintage performance by the crack squad at 35th and Farnam.

Reporting on a fight at "Millard High School" in which an administrator was apparently tasered by a student, reporter Justin Joseph, with assists from anchors John Knicely and Tracy Madden, managed to deliver the entire package without bothering to mention which Millard high school was involved (there are three).

Say what you will about that station, it's hard not to be impressed by folks who can so skillfully sidestep such a pertinent fact for an entire two-minute report.
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