Friday, January 29, 2010


For those who haven't been keeping track, the body count at Channel 3rd has been mounting over the last six months or so. With help from an alert reader, we've compiled this list of resignations: reporter Joe Jordan, weatherman Dean Wysocki, reporter Michelle Bandur, reporter Chriss Knight, and sports director Travis Justice.

And, our source says, we shouldn't be surprised if that list grows in the near future.

Part of the problem, as we understand it, was a news director who was difficult to work for. The station fixed that problem late last week. And the continued presence of Justice couldn't have helped much, either. That handicap, too, has been eliminated.

Whatever the problem, one thing seems pretty clear: Journal's ownership of Action 3rd has done little to help the station's longstanding anemic ratings. Shortly after acquiring the property in 2006, the company rebranded it as "Action 3 News," invested in a new set and graphics, and blew out anchors Greg Peterson and Deb Ward—ostensibly to improve the station's fortunes.

The results have been negligible, if not downright negative.

In the most recent November ratings period, Action 3rd finished a distant 3rd at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. While we haven't seen morning numbers, it's hard to imagine that any program anchored by smarmy, semi-professional dimwit Sheila Brummer fared much better than the rest of the station's offerings.

Now comes word that at least one of the aforementioned KMTV refugees—Bandur—has signed on at Channel 7 and is waiting out her non-compete clause before appearing on-air.

How much worse can things get before they get better?

The answer most likely isn't a pretty one.


KentuckyRain68 said...

KETV News wasn't bad tonight: Kristie Anderson was good. I really like that she's not the "gold plated, plastic surgeon refugee Barbie Dolls" that most of the other female anchors in this town are.

John Schuetz wasn't annoying, but there wasn't much in the way of Sports tonight so it wasn't much of a stretch.

Not even gonna mention the Weather Person...She makes me want to scream, you know that smile had to have cost a FORTUNE.

And Todd Andrews in a suit for the 2nd night in a row made me feel the same way the big, bad wolf felt about Little Red Riding Hood! Those sweaters need to stay gone!

Steve said...

I've said this before...Seigel and Stowell are the only thing going right for KM3. It's nice that they work together on weekends so I can actually tune in twice per week to see them.

Wang is miserable (she laughs like Beavis and Butthead) and Negrelli is forgettable. I don't think he's bad, just not memorable.

I actually don't mind Patton either. Maybe he just needs someone professional like Stowell to take him down a peg or two. He is pretty entertaining.

At least KM3 has the weekends right. Monday through Friday...morning till night they struggle.

Anonymous said...

I watch Sheila in the morning. She's funny, stupid funny. Her and THAT weatherman...

Steve said...

Ugh, Sheila is a nightmare. Her crazy (lazy) eyes scare me.

I heard Marla Rabe left too. The talent pool is getting loooooooow.

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