Thursday, January 07, 2010

Maltard Word of the Day

fulled: shorten by placing one part over another (Example: "Can you fulled the laundry?")


Smith said...

Have you read all the “news” stories and nonstop coverage about Walgreens selling beer & wine? The World-Herald first presented the story as an exclusive less than a month ago.

Less than one week later, they diligently informed us which locations the Omaha city council approved for the sale of these newsworthy commodities.

And now that brings us to today’s story. Since the big exclusive (and the follow up story) didn’t seem to generate much interest or controversy, rather than finding actual news and moving on to better things like the rest of us have, readers are now treated to a news story about how nobody cares about the previous stories that have been printed about this! The headline says it all. Talk about beating a dead horse……
Yes, in one last ditch effort to generate any possible interest in this story, the World Herald spoke with no fewer than 3 different city administrators with all of them basically saying this is all pretty run of the mill and that they don’t expect this to change things very much (i.e. THIS IS NOT NEWS).

For a long time I’ve thought the World Herald was a fairly lousy read, but this, along with the fact that they inexplicably feel justified in facilitating personal photos of people’s pets lounging in their backyards on the front page of their website makes me feel kind of bad for whoever graduated from journalism school and wound up here.

Will said...

This reminds me of those hysterical anti-gambling stories the Herald runs from time to time.

Rick said...

*hic* I guess this wasn't news to me because I thought Walgreen's already sold beer and wine. Glug glug.

Since Walgreen's tends to be located near other businesses (even if the other businesses are not Walgreen's), and other said businesses sell booze, I'm not sure what the big deal is. Is there a Walgreen's that has so monopolized a blighted neighborhood that them selling booze is really an issue?

Damon Scott Hynes said...

makes me feel kind of bad for whoever graduated from journalism school and wound up here.

Not me. 'Journalism' is a dead art, replaced by sensationalism, ADHD-attention-span lite news. The only distinction between print and video is that print is where the ugly people go. For every honest-to-God journalist at National Review or New Republic, there are 1000 Mistys or Tads that couldn't copywrite to save their ass. Sad to say, the best journalism these days is book fiction. Not a smidgen of sympathy for someone getting into news these days--they prolly couldn't even spell Woodward, Bernstein or Murrow.

omanewswatcher said...

Can anyone confirm if Maltard had implants added recently? She has appeared to become more enhanced lately? Maybe she should have used that money for a linguistics program instead.

bcobb311 said...

I stumbled upon this site somehow looking for other Bill Randby haters.

The only thing missing from this site is more Randby bashing. I cannot be the only one who is obsessed with hating Bill Randby. He calls the viewers "folks" far too often and has mastered the fine art of "Doppler Slopping".

Cogitor said...

I had given up on WOWT for news. The technical garbage they put out coupled with the unbelievably unprofessional reportage became such a distraction as to render their "newscasts" unwatchable.

My set was tuned to them when the 10:00 cast started, and I was busy and couldn't change the channel right away. Oh. My. God. Never again.

After the requisite techinical problems with cameras, missing packages and shuffling papers, the lovely Tracy Madden (was it windy in the studio last night, or what? Did anyone see that hair?) rattled off a story about an aid group in Haiti that was going to rescue those entombed in earthquake rubble. I was of the opinion that once you're entombed, rescue isn't going to do you much good. The dead are recovered, survivors are rescued. Right after that she told us when texting for Haiti relief you can have $10 DEDUCTED from your phone bill. Really? Deducted? Maybe they'll run a consumer alert when someone is actually surprised that $10 was ADDED to their bill.

They are actually getting worse instead of better. How do you do that? The lack of preparation is astounding. Sickening, for anyone who was ever taught how it's supposed to be done. I guess I'm going to have to write a program to change the channel if the receiver's tuned to WOWT at 4:00, 5:00 or 10:00.

Dumb Anguish said...

I caught that too, Cog. I sat there thinking “$10 deducted from my phone bill? Bingo!” So I went ahead and sent the text message about 20 times.

Then Miss Maddox (who has her own hair problems) mentioned on the morning news yesterday that its been 81 years since the death of Martin Luther King Jr.

That’s what makes his march on Washington in 1963 so compelling: The fact that he had been dead for some thirty years when he delivered the “I Have A Dream” speech.

Cogitor said...

Wow, that IS impressive! Generalissimo Francisco Franco couldn't be dead quite as well as that, and he's STILL dead!

How do you sit there and read out loud that it's been 81 years since the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.? How do you go to air without at least glancing at your copy? For Christ's sake, that MLK story was not something a PA ripped off the wire and rushed to the set. It's quite obvious that no one at WOWT goes on having already seen the prompter script, even though it's only about a 5-10 minute job to read through it once.

Maybe I was being too picky about the entombed thing, but I thought anyone entombed was already dead. Like Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

It's just unfathomable how, after being in the business for several years, you could actually get WORSE at reporting, writing, and delivering news. Hell, they've almost completely lost the ability to even identify real news.

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