Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We were sorry to read in Sunday's local paper that former WOWT reporter Jim Fagin is battling pancreatic cancer.

Fagin's TV work was some of the best Omaha has ever seen, and it has been sorely missed since he left the station a decade or so ago. He now works as an aide to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.

According to the newspaper story, the circumstances surrounding Fagin's cancer give him somewhat better-than-typical odds of beating the disease.

Fagin's refreshingly quirky approach to life (he was well-known for cutting his own hair, for example) makes us hopeful that he can wage a successful battle against this foe.


Rich said...

Jim...we're praying for you. Keep up your good spirit.

Rick said...

Let's hope he gets well before his boss helps screw up the health care system in this country any more.

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