Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two front teeth

Channel Sux's Jimmy Thiedlecki is, indeed, the Ghost of Christmas Stupid.

During Tuesday's morning program, Jimmy reported that New York EMS workers were facing questions after refusing to help a woman who "allegedly died."

God bleth uth everyone!


Big Mark 243 said...

LOL ... I look forward to having Jimmy provide me my fresh, accurate reporting!

Anonymous said...

WOWT needs to clean house the way KMTV did a few years back. Of course, KMTV continues to keep Travis Justice, whice is an in-Justice to us.

Dumb Anguish said...

Jimbo seems to have given the Caribbean Sea a promotion.

Because he just informed viewers about a plane crash in Jamaica where a plane nearly ended up crashing into the "Caribbean Ocean"

It's Raining In Spain said...

Dear GldEys:
Remember, when KMTV cleaned house, they took to heart the last episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" by canning all but the worst member of the team.
I would worry that WOWT would do the same thing--except who is the worst member of the team that would be left on the air? That is a scary thought.

Helio said...

I still get a kick out of the "Live" reports that are just outside of the local studios. Who are they fooling?

This holiday season, The Lamest Commercial of the Year Award should go to the WOWT Weather crew for showing us the different ways in which to get their weather reports.
They look like a bunch of first graders.

We can only hope that changes will be soon!

Smith said...

Agreed with Helio....the day after the Christmas blizzard, Adrian Whitsett went outside the studio to report to us how the conditions were outside.

Why are reporters turning into meteorologists, which by the way, remember when meteorologists used to actually do reports outside?

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