Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Is John Knicely mentally retarded?

During Wednesday's 6 p.m. newscast, Channel Sux's lead anchor read a story about the death of Walt Disney nephew Roy Disney. J-Pa actually said that Roy "was seven years younger than his father and uncle."

Really. Can't anyone in management come up with a better way to allocate SuxNews salary dollars?

Based on a report from an alert reader, at least something's going right at that joke of a station. During Wednesday's midday time-waster, a penguin improved the quality of the broadcast by taking a dump on Jimmy Thiedlecki.

It seems only fitting that the source of so much on-air shit would be the recipient for once.


omatvwatcher said...

All you have to do is look at their live chat at 4pm the last three days to know management is out to lunch.

Razz said...

Better yet, check out their weather "blogs". I went there as a lark to find out what they were spewing. Their latest posts were fish with teeth (Jim), dressing up their dog (Andrea), SNOW TOTALS....but it was 10 days ago (Caitlin).

Maybe on a webSITE you have weather blogs that discuss weather.

Rick said...

What I find absolutely laughable is the weather alert service that you can pay for at WOWT. This alerts you with a phone call if a storm is a direct threat to your address. How condescending is that? Most people know where they live and can read a fucking map.

I don't even know where to go with this. How many here really need a phone call to let them know that bad weather is in their neighborhood? Chances are with a weather guess that is somewhere in the ball park, all you have to do is stick your head out your own window to determine if it is close.


Worst. $9.95. Idea. Ever.

Guy said...

J-pa can't even get through one story, let alone an entire newscast, without mispronouncing something. The funny part is that he thinks he's catching and correcting his errors without anyone noticing. He's not watchable. Sux should do us all a favor and put "The Smirk" out to pasture.

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