Thursday, December 31, 2009


We've been inundated with reports that KMTV sports director Travis Justice is leaving the station (and broadcasting), effective January 10th. Depending on how his spot is filled, this could be a boost for the kids at Channel 3rd.

Additionally, Channel Sux sports reporter/anchor Merlin Klaus is said to have tendered his resignation again, this time to take a job with Douglas County. We have not heard what his duties there will be. If we had the power to fire everyone at WOWT, Klaus is one of about three people we'd keep. So his leaving makes perfect sense. Can you imagine having to tell people Ross Jernstrom is your boss?

As one alert reader notes, the last half of 2009 has been marked by turnover at local sports desks. KETV lost Matt Schick to radio over the summer, and WOWT's Dave Webber semi-retired in the fall to spend more time doing dental insurance and car commercials.

Isn't it about time for Ann Schatz to resurface?


Dumb Anguish said...

Perhaps FoxNews found archived footage of Travis Justice's old "For What Its Worth" segments and decided to give him an hour long show immediately after Glenn Beck.

Ross Jernstrom is terrible. No argument there. When he reads the sports highlights, he always sounds like he's having an asthma attack.

And I'm just curious. Is there some sort of clause in Jernstrom's contract that requires John Knicely and Tracy Madden refer to him as "Rossie" at least 10 times per newscast? Can we renegotiate? Like instead, they give him one of the 400 useless flat screen monitors in the WOWT Weather Authority Storm Center (TM)?

Anonymous said...

What!!!??? No more windbag Travis? Happy New Year!!!!

Damon Scott Hynes said...

"Webs", "Mer", "Chaps", "Rossie"--just proves that it's 1. A boy's club at El Grande Seis, 2. They do their show for their own entertainment. If Walter Cronkite had done sports recently at 666, he'd be "Wally"...Edward Murrow would have been "Fast Eddie", etc.

Guy said...

"Mer" has been 3rd Banana in the Channel Sux "Sports" Dept. for years. The only time he got on the air was when everybody else was out of the office. Bringing in "Rossie" instead of promoting him to "Sports Director" when "Webs" left was probably the last straw.

Kudos to "Mer" for the fine work he did, having the onions to get the Hell out of there, and try to make a career somewhere else where he will very likely be more appreciated.

LL said...

Where is Trav going?

Will said...

Where is Trav going?

I assume Travis is leaving to deevote all his time on his coffee shops.

ejm said...

Maybe "Trav" has been permanently appointed to head suck-up over at the "empire". Good riddance.

Bridget (Weide) Brooks said...

According to today's fishwrap (p. 2D), Travis will be the Director of Business Development for Meyers-Carlisle-Leapley Construction.

Sean YD said...

From today's Omaha World-Herald:

Meyers-Carlisle-Leapley President Robert Carlisle announced the addition of Travis Justice as Director Of Business Development. Justice will officially join the company on January 19.

For the past 16 years, Justice has served as sports director at two different Omaha television stations, the last eight at KMTV Channel 3. An award-winning journalist, Justice developed and produced Sports Soundoff and served as the play-by-play announcer for Creighton University men's basketball games.

"Travis not only brings business knowledge and respect in our community, but he also has great leadership qualities that are key to our success," said Carlisle.
"All my life I have been around great teams," Justice said. "The team at Meyers-Carlisle-Leapley is committed to integrity, excellence and great customer service. I am truly excited about the opportunity to contribute to a first class organization."

On time and on budget for more than 22 years, Meyers-Carlisle-Leapley Construction believes that every owner's project is equally important regardless of size. It's the attention to detail throughout the construction process that delivers quality craftsmanship as well as long lasting, productive relationships.

Joshua said...

*cue the orchestra*



Travis Justice is a pompous ass; always has been, likely always will be. He won't be missed at all. And that's for what it's worth.

Steve said...

Now if KM3 can just get rid of Brummer and Wang (possibly move Stowell up) they'll start to make a little noise!

I think Seigel does a good job at 3. Are there any outside candidates for Justice's spot?

Will said...

Well, I was wrong about Travis and the coffee empire.

Still, this is the perfect job for a schnmoozer like Justice, and no doubt a big increase in pay. So good for him.

It's Raining In Spain said...

Third still has a long way to go to recoup their professionalism (insert joke here), even after losing Travis. Their bumper copy on the I love you written in poop story read "Crappy Content".
I leave it to the readers--which shows more class? Covering a story about a message written in pig excrement, or using the word "crappy" on the air?

Joe Swank said...

Ding Dong the Cue Balls gone
the Cue Balls gone,
the Cue Balls gone,
Ding Dong the pompous Cue Balls Gone!

Helio said...

Speaking of Channel 3...thank you for the "do you spit or swallow" excerpt when covering a sex offender on Tuesday night. Try explaining that to a youngster! I saw the KETV version of the same story & they took the high road. C'mon some class!

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