Thursday, November 12, 2009


There was "breaking news" in the "Heartland" Thursday night at 10, when "the people we know" dispatched their crack news team to deliver live coverage of what reporter Justin Joseph called "a massive rescue effort."

He was referring, of course, to the case that riveted the city—a cat trapped in a drainpipe.

Tracy Madden even ended the newscast with promises of updates first thing Friday on "Daybreak" with Jethro Thiedlecki and Jethrine Maddox. (What—no wall-to-wall coverage?)

Are we the only ones who see another Edward R. Murrow award on the horizon?


Helio said...

KMTV was also on top of this "Breaking(yawn)News" with live reports...the morning of Friday the 13th w/ Maddox & Siedlecki. Pretty sure that I heard both of them try to say the word superstitious but it came out as suspicious. Did anyone else catch this or do I need to have my ears flushed?

Ryan said...

I saw them talking about this last night, and told my wife just watch, this will make the omanews blog. Rediculous, and busy news night in Omaha huh?

Ryan said...

Also,during their update during the Today show, they cut off the weather in the middle of his presentation and flipped to Malorie who blankly stared at the camera for a while, then she finally said "thanks Rusty" and continued on with the news.

omatvwatcher said...

Kitty jerk!

Cogitor said...

Justin Joseph is so melodramatic. Don't send him out to do the obligatory "day after Thanksgiving-window-lickers standing in line for 9 hours for a $10 DVD-player" story. It'll come back sounding like Israel is flocking out of Egypt all over again. Let my people go already!

Dumb Anguish said...

Let’s see if we can predict the next few stories:

“A live press conference with those involved in the dramatic rescue is scheduled for 12:00 noon. You can view it live right here on Channel Six. Days of our Lives will be pre-empted for the press conference and shown at 3:35 in the morning"

“A fund has been set up at heartland Petsmart locations to handle the kitten’s medical expenses and emotional trauma. We have a link on our web channel at”

“Viewers are speaking about the dramatic cat rescue on Six Online. Mabel from Pender writes: “What a feel good story, thank you WOWT for bringing it to our attention”. However, Fritz from Bellevue is outraged: “Why must our tax dollars be spent to help a kitten? I am outraged! Its time to recall Suttle and the entire city council!!”

Rick said...

I miss Gary Kerr.

It's Raining In Spain said...

Cute animal in danger stories have been a staple of broadcast news since the days of crystal radio sets.
What makes this kitten in danger story different is the context--local news using one note delivery for everything. If six sounds insipid, illiterate, and technically inept when talking about the news of the day; if it involves a kitten instead of taxes, crime, or natural disaster it emphasizes the ridiculousness of the whole cast. If KM pounds out breaking news now now now on it's overheated delivery, the subject being a furry animal just isn't the same as if a guy with a rifle is taking out people at random on Dodge Street.
Makes you almost miss the days of Happy Talk news.

Smith said...

Aw Sux is doing a piece on a music exhibit that was organized by the Smithsonian and Tracy says it is one "You MUST see and MUST hear", then where they intended to cut to the story, what they cut to is a black screen where you can't see or hear ANYTHING.....

They go back to Tracy & John where Tracy jokes that she merely wanted to build up the suspense and they cut to commercial.....then come back and go straight to sports with Ross Jernstrom like nothing ever happened!

Ugh, they were actually pulling off a decent newscast until then.

Cogitor said...

They always pull of a decent newscast...right up until they bring up camera two and cue the anchor.

Omababe said...

>Makes you almost miss the days
>of Happy Talk news.

Uh, Happy Talk?

I thought that was what channel 6 was trying to do!

omatvwatcher said...

Interesting...when I tried to comment that this one-sided article failed to relay what a debacle the WOWT transition has been, it wasn't published. I guess Broadcast Engineering has the same journalistic standards of WOWT:

Cogitor said...

So "Broadcast Engineering" is a shill for station owners. Nice.

"“Omaha was akin to a heart, lung and brain transplant,” says Ocon in describing the conversion."

-- two out of three ain't bad.

"“In Omaha, we are running newscasts with as few as two people,” Ocon says."

-- believe me, we know all too well that the focus is on money rather than a quality product. With the utter crap that's been put out by WOWT for quite some time (not the only one in this market, BTW), it's painfully obvious that there's no one there who will understand why when the numbers finally begin to die off due to the schlock they've been putting on the air.

Smith said...

Holy Crap.....last night's 10PM newscast reminded me of what a HORRIBLE reporter Brian Mastre truly was Fubar bad.

His assignment was to cover the shooting that happened after the fight the occurred at the beginning of the Benson-North basketball game at Creighton.

Tracy Madden began by warning us that Sux has not one, but TWO crews on the scene to report.

They then go to a live shot of Mastre who narrates that the players were being introduced when "a fight ensued here on the 2nd balcony at the Creighton campus".

He then explains how people started to "literally punch each other".

Two guns were recovered at the scene.

They then have an eyewitness account from two overexcited high school girls where the only word that can be heard is "guns".

They then cut back to Mastre who reveals that the 2nd "crew" is being headed by John Chapman. He doesn't have his own area to report from but instead appears in the same shot as Mastre and they have to share the only microphone on the scene.

John Chapman finally reveals to viewers that the building is named "The Ryan Center". He is stumbling over his words pretty hard with more dribble being spoken from high-schoolers.

Brian Mastre then regains control of the microphone to remind us that 2 people taken into custody had guns on them.....hence the shooting.

They go back to John & Tracy in the studio and John brilliantly remarks on how it truly does sound like there was pandemonium. Mastre then negates the entire story by saying there actually seemed like there was calm on the inside (despite dozens of people "literally" punching each other).

Tracy speeds through a customary closing statement and tersely thanks Mastre and goes on to the next story.

It was quite a mess.

Rick said...


Looks like Suxers infected the post-game production of KETV last night. God help them, they were trying, but it was like watching channel 6 news on any given night. I guess they were surprised that the game ended and were caught off guard.

I don't know.

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