Thursday, October 29, 2009


Maltard Maddox's hard-hitting "High School Cribs" segment Thursday morning featured Millard West High School.

Of course, it wasn't cued up at the scheduled time. Maltard assured viewers that they could just watch it on the "web-channel."

The Suxers ended up running the piece several minutes later, and boy are we glad they did. Otherwise, how would we have learned that Millard West has, according to the principal there, "about four" pep rallies per year?

Riveting. Is the inanity of this weekly segment also the result of a software glitch?


Cogitor said...

This is some glitch...the glitch that ate Manhattan.

They've obviously hired someone who cannot hear to run audio. That's not a slam on anyone who can't hear...I'm just saying that every cast since the big change has had multiple audio problems. Either the person running the board cannot hear, or all their cable or hardware is bad (that's not a software problem). That stupid music behind the sports cast drowns out whoever's reading, and then when they cut the music, the mic goes down, too. You're hearing "Mer" or "Rossi" finish up through the anchors' mics. Mics are off when they should be potted up. The sound quality was better on our stuff at UNO in the early 80's when I was splicing tape in class. That's NOT a joke.

John was best in class again yesterday as well, trying to pronouce Yves St. Laurent (- pause - IVES - pause - Saint LOWrent). I wonder if this Christmas season Currier and Ives will come out Ca-REAR and EVE? God, someone get him the copy 1/2 hour beforehand and run through it with him.

I haven't noticed as many framing problems in the few minutes I've given Channel Six as I did when they first switched back, but they still have the multitude of miscues leading to missing video. That's not a software problem either. That's not queing your stuff up right, or punching the right player up.

I'll say it again...they've become completely unwatchable. Ta-ta, WOWT.

omatvwatcher said...

The thing is, they haven't hired anyone to do anything. The switch is to an automated system so they could lay all those people off. So when the camera meanders off and the audio levels aren't right, there's simply no one there to fix it. Word on the street is it was tested last week and didn't work and management just went ahead and put it on the air anyway.

Cogitor said...

Empty control rooms. And here we've been thinking it was monkeys. Bananas are too expensive, I suppose. Just when you thought they couldn't get worse technically, the bean-counters prove you wrong.

Doesn't surprise me, unfortunately. Accountants running anything but accounting firms always means low-quality somewhere in the mix. They simply don't have an appreciation for what it takes to run a business with quality as the standard. They cannot for their lives understand the non-tangible value of quality, or a good name.

Jesse said...

Maybe the whole set is run via foot pedal.

Anonymous said...

Just lay off the anchors, and boradcast the teleprompter script. Then I could just read the news, rather than firure out what these tards are trying to say.

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