Monday, October 05, 2009


It only occurred to us this morning how comical it is to hear SuxNews morning boob Jimmy Thiedlecki say "Top Thickth Litht" (that's "Top Six List" for those of you who don't speak or read Thiedleckese).


Smith said...

Okay, I just read a facebook status update that said the KMTV meteorologist actually said on the air:

"U G L Y you aint got no alibi, the forecast is uggllyyy"

During today's 5PM newscast...did anyone else see this?

Helio said...

The "Top Thickth Litht" is so wrong when you wake up to it in the morning.
On a brighter note...looking forward to the first Sux Weather Alert Snow-gasm of the season the excitement is building!

Cogitor said...

Nothing to do with this topic...sorry. But why in the hell is there a link to KPTM weather on KETV's weird website?

Omababe said...

>looking forward to the first Sux
>Weather Alert Snow-gasm

We had that snow-gasm last Saturday! Although we got only a dusting where I live, it seemed like the three stations were tripping over each other to out-do each other as to the most horrendous forecast.

It wasn't only local. I heard on the national news the Omaha got 5 inches. Yeah, right!

Helio said...

Omababe - I'm waiting for that week long build up type of snow-gasm that all our "weather guessers" get all giggly about...and it always "just misses us". I think that last weeks snow was a surprise to the guessers. They all got caught with their snow pants down.

Dumb Anguish said...

And the best part is, in a couple of weeks they're going to go out there and have the stones to say, "Ok, here is the weather forecast for the entire winter. Granted, we have trouble telling you what the next 24 hours are going to be like. But we're here to tell you the weather for the next three months"

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