Friday, October 16, 2009


SuxNews has never looked quite as pathetic as it did during Friday's 4 p.m. newscast.

Among the problems...
• the debacle was anchored by morning fire-chaser Nadia Singh, who seems as ill-equipped for the task as anyone at the station;
• Singh showed up for work wearing a trowelful of blue eye shadow, an inappropriately short skirt, and a pair of dominatrix boots, all of which were on full display when she came out from behind the desk to conduct an interview from atop a barstool;
• newsboy Brian Latham's live report originated from what appeared to be a deserted newsroom;
• weatherguesser Andrea "Seabiscuit" Rich prattled idiotically about clouds, sun-glare, and instructions on what to do in various weather conditions;
• Rich wore a red skirt that looked more like a saddle-blanket; and
• audio for the broadcast cut in and out for the duration of what looked like a textbook example of how not to do a professional newscast.

In short, there was really nothing to distinguish this effort from what gets aired on the much-maligned KPTM.

This program offered a stark reminder of just how thoroughly Gray Television and its incompetent managers have run this station into the ground. How much worse it can get is anybody's guess at this point.

UPDATE: Channel Sux was all atwitter Sunday night and Monday morning about Rich running a race over the weekend. Doesn't the jockey deserve at least some of the credit?


omatvwatcher said...

It's actually much worse than KPTM's at this point. I don't think I've even seen a technical mistake from there in a long time, which is pretty good considering the company that previously owned them laid off about half the newsroom earlier this year. There's really no excuse for 6's lack of quality, they get paid, have good equipment and for some reason Omaha thinks they're the best newscast. That said, I don't know who's more to blame for that, the Omaha audience rewarding garbage with ratings, the management or both.

Also, I can't believe you guys haven't called out Latham on what he wears during live shots. I've literally seen him with what looked like a Hawaiian shirt that was clearly untucked...and he was covering a trial! Friday, it looked like he had a freakin' T-shirt on! WTF is going on over there??

Lois-Carmen Denominator said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again...what about Mike McKnight? What the hell is up with these camera angles that not only show off his wardrobe (which, oddly enough, reminds me of a copier repairman), but also seem to require him to bend downward toward the camera?

And excuse me for bringing this up here, but Ted you're asleep at the wheel. As I was suffering through it the first time, I thought for sure you would be pointing out this piece of Malorie's marvelous journalism about a mother fighting back against a $7 text messaging charge:

By the way, in case anyone is wondering what tomorrow's super-helpful traffic report will be like at 7:28am: Things will really be slowing down on I-80 eastbound at 72nd Street due to some heavy traffic, you will be able to see those brake lights coming on and it will be stop-and-go to the I-480 interchange. It will be slow-going on the west Dodge expressway, and there will be some lane changes on Dodge street west of 30th that have traffic backed up to 42nd.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

I gotta disagree. Omaha needs more Nadia Singh. She has the best curves of any Omaha news woman, and therefore should not miss an opportunity to show them off.

Sure, boots aren't my cup of Cialis, but the fact that she's showing some fashion sense at all is in stark contrast with the rest of the schoolmarms on local TV news.

I've made my peace with Andrea Rich, she is what she is and for a runner, she's got a onion that just won't quit.

Dumb Anguish said...

Another brilliantly incoherent sentence from the web-channel in a story about a peeping tom:

"My biggest fear is that my daughters, or their friends, or their finances, will see pictures of them on the internet somewhere"

I can't begin to tell you how many sleepless nights I have had thinking that my finances would see pictures of me on the internet. I worry because my finances can be so judgmental.

I would hate for my finances to lose respect for me.

Rick said...

Another case of no proofing at SUX News webchannel...

"This was just a pretty wide-spread case, and the picture or the video of the guy was so good taht somebody couldn't help but notice him," said Bushman.

Geezus Crihst, does anyone have even a GDE over terhe?

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