Thursday, October 22, 2009


Breaking news just in to the SuxNews Daybreak newsroom: Nadia Singh's live reports while standing in the rain this morning suggest that blue eye shadow—when applied in heavy doses—is, indeed, waterproof.

Maybe Maltard Maddox can use this info for one of her nasally "consumer" reports.


Rick said...

Does anyone else here the theme song in the background? “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Nadia Singh.”

Plus, more bilge from
Story states a Tobacco Hut near 104th and U was robbed. I checked my brain and realized that was in a residential area. However, there is one near 140th and U.
Twice in this story people were quoted, and the phrase was closed without punctuation. It was the phrase and the close-quote without a comma or period.

Seriously, forward the stories to me, preferably in Word97 or newer format (sorry, drool-stained crayon rantings are no longer accepted). I’ll just use the feature no one over at Sux knows how to turn on and charge them by the error. I predict a Buffett/Gates style retirement by the end of 2010.

Anonymous said...

The 5PM channel 6 news on Friday was a comedy of errors, it featured the lady with all the eye makeup.

It was just one mistake after another. Did anyone else see it?

so bad it was good..

Ted Brockman said...


I saw it and it was perhaps even worse than the previous week. My favorite was Nadia staring off into space for several seconds after Brian Mastrebator's live shot before snapping to life so she could fumble around and find the right camera.

Or maybe that wasn't my favorite. There was the time when she intro'd a story looking at the wrong camera and then the story didn't roll. After a couple more seconds of staring off into nowhere, she again came out of her trance to fumble around, locate the right camera, and go to the next story.

It was if no one knew there would be a newscast that afternoon and they just decided to slap one together when the clock struck five.

Cogitor said...


"I’ll just use the feature no one over at Sux knows how to turn on and charge them by the error."

That sounds good. Please remit $5 to me for "Does anyone else here (sic) the theme song..."

; )

Rick said...

+1 for Cogitor...

I was wondering if I should have fixed that when I typed it out and proofed it, but I figured what the hell...

Cogitor said...

No sweat, Rick. You've got to take the softballs when they're lobbed!

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