Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Can someone please explain the surreal five-second promo on Channel 3rd that shows weatherguesser Ryan McPike standing out in a field squinting at the sky and looking as if he's trying to smell a storm?

Really? Is this the way he puts together his forecasts? Does someone think this makes him seem more credible? What the hell?


Gabe Asher said...

My guess is that there was probably a staff meeting at 3rd News, and a Production Assistant was told to set up a promo that shows how Ryan knows more about weather than anyone else.

The p/a didn't take notes, and only remembered random things like "Ryan", "knows", and "weather", and by the time it got produced you see Ryan with his NOSE pointed at the weather!

OK...maybe not, but is it so far-fetched?

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Ron Gerard is not doing weather anymore. But then, being Suttles' side-kick is probably worse.

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