Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Highlights from Wednesday's 10 p.m. SuxNews televised rehearsal:

• Bad audio was the theme of this broadcast. There was a persistent scratchy sound, particularly when J-Pa Knice-rug and Merlyn Klaus were speaking. And for some reason, when they switched from Klaus's b-roll back to a shot of him standing next to the anchor desk, Klaus's mike dropped out and his voice was reduced to a faint echo.

• When Tracy Madden tried to intro Maltard Maddox's hard-hitting report on coupons, she was cut off mid-sentence.

• J-Pa contributed his trademark blunders. He struggled with the word "Caribbean" ("kuh-RIB-in," he said haltingly). And when Klaus finished his sports segment by noting that the Yankees were losing to the Phillies in the ninth inning, J-Pa responded that "our sources tell us they've now entered the ninth inning."

Perhaps J-Pa's whole career has been the result of software bugs.


Helio said...

It's a comedy of errors & fun to watch at any time - day or night (which sounds like it could be the script for their new promo)

Still trying to understand Caitlin's forecast of dry conditions except for some drizzle. Don't they hear what they say?

webchannel said...

Actually, this may just end up being fantastic for the ratings period. Must-watch-train-wreck...

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