Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Holy smokes, get a load of this story, which reports on a Washington, D.C. station that plans to have its anchors operate their own teleprompters—with their feet—as they read the news.

Our favorite line:
Some at the station worry that such a roll-your-own system could increase the potential for on-camera blunders, as anchors fumble for the right spot in their scripts.
This should be a real treat for those of us who currently enjoy watching J-Pa Knice-rug struggle to make sense of his copy. (How many more blunders would he need to make for us to even notice a difference?) Imagine what a circus it will become if he tries to pedal a teleprompter at the same time!

Even better, how cool would it be to see Jimmy Thiedlecki and his little sidekick Maltard run the 'prompter as they preside over another pointless SuxOnline "Live-Chat"?

Gold, Jerry! Gold!


Smith said...

KETV has made a feature story out of two guys asking a seven year old if he needed a ride.

There was no chase, no stalking, no news actually. They asked him if he wanted candy, he said no, asked if he needed a ride, he said now and went to a family friend's house.


Counciltucky said...

That situation might be better than the situation they had at 42 a few years ago. I worked there and Joel Rosenberg had me run the teleprompter and the chyron at the same time. Running the prompter right involves listening to the news and not watching it; running the chyron effectively involves watching the news and not listening to it. So basically, Jackass Joel had me doing jobs that involved listening, not listening, watching, and not watching, all at the same time ... and then he decided to fire me because I wasn't superhuman enough to do it.

But I digress. Basically, the prompter idea doesn't sound like the worst idea ever, provided the anchors have a modicum of coordination. Of course, with 6, that might not be the case...

Joel said...

Dear Counciltucky,

There were two reasons I fired you. First and foremost, you gave all of us a creepy vibe that is reserved for the likes of legless carnies with hand grenades or for folks on a 3 week meth binge with a raging case of meth mouth. You talked about your "girl friend" who I imagine was either your Sasquatch sister or from the stuck together pages of your favourite edition of "Over Fifty " magazine - who, I'm sure, seemed quite real to you. Yikes man!

2nd. You were an incompetent boob. You had no business working in TV - even at FOX 42...bless their little hearts. You couldn't press a space bar and run prompter because you were probably too starstruck for actually working at a real (and I use this term very loosely) TV station and you were actually enjoying the content of the show! The very nature of the last comment brings your intelligence (or lack there of) into question. But we'll leave that for another time.

For the most part, resumes that crossed my desk were never from what I would call the deep end of the gene pool. It was Nebraska. It was KPTM. I can honestly tell you that you were the primordial sludge that slipped through the cracks. And for that I am at fault. I apologize to my coworkers for letting them be exposed to your mind numbing excuse of a work ethic and I blame myself for giving you false hope that you could somehow have a career in television. My prompt dispatching of you was for the best.

So, in closing, I hope bagging groceries or bathing incontinent centenarians makes you happy and is fulfilling in some strange way for you. And if by some cosmic wammy somebody actually hired you to work in TV again...hold on to that job and don't let go...EVER.

Love, Peace & Beer,

Joel Rosenberg
Very EX-Production Manager

It's Raining In Spain said...

I think your post confirms Counciltucky's point(s).
I would say this as a casual reader of the blog, but I happen to be an ex-chyron runner myself. The idea that one person could run both chyron and prompter at the same time is almost as funny as a production manager thinking it could be done at all. If you wanted to hire effective people at these jobs, I would suggest making sure candidates can spell and type.

Counciltucky said...

Let the flame war between fake Joel and everyone else begin!

Joel said...

It's Raining in Spain:

You evidently have never worked at a Pappas station. Running chyron is kind of a misnomer in that operators hit a space bar to advance the cg. There was no building of full screens or supers or having to know templates or even having to know how the machine worked. And since there was one channel of chyron...yes, ONE channel...running prompter in concert with hitting a space bar wasn't much of a stretch even for folks with just half a brain stem.

Was it the best way to do things? No. Was it a solution to a staffing issue? Yes. Was it successful? yes. In the right was done masterfully.


The real Joel

Counciltucky said...

Fake Joel is correct in that it was a spacebar issue and that no building was necessary -- that was done by the producer if I'm correct.

However, it does take two levels of concentration to do so -- like I said, during the actual newscast, it involves listening and not watching and watching and not listening at the same time.

If this is somehow the real Joel (which it isn't), it's a lot easier to just scream at the poor sap who's screwing up while trying to do multiple things at once than to actually do it, isn't it? That's really all you did. That and unfairly fire me.

And if this is still somehow the real "Joel", the fact that you resorted to ad hominem attacks so quickly when I made a valid point (as backed up by It's Raining In Spain) demonstrates that you really don't have a leg to stand on here.

Nathan said...

Wow, Joel Rosenberg really sounds like a class act. What a dream boss. And people wonder why KMTV can't get it right.

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