Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Why were the SuxNews anchors delivering their drivel from in front of a green screen on Tuesday?

Is their barely-a-year-old set being revamped already? Or did the bank repo it?

It's bad enough watching their mostly pretend anchors deliver a pretend newscast. Seeing them do it in front of a pretend set is more than we can handle.


Anonymous said...

They addressed that on the 10pm broadcast Monday evening... apparently something was wrong with their signal during network programming Monday evening and the repair work required them to read us the news from another set.

Not sure I'm buying it... My money's on repo...

Also... did anyone else catch TM's list of the Iowa National Guard units being called up.... you know, the ones from Carroll, Shenandoah, and Dennis? Honey, I think (hope) the prompter read "Denison".

James said...

Perhaps it's SUX news' attempt at "virtual reality"...god knows there hasn't been anything real about their newscasts for years!

Dumb Anguish said...

More brilliant proof-reading from the scholars at WOWT:

"It will cose $25000 for Papillion to restrart fire training program".

Even typing that sentence, the spell check tells me "Hey idiot, there is no such word as 'cose' or 'restrart'"

Just a hint for the WOWT, including the First Response Team (TM): When the software underlines words like that, it doesn't mean "You're making a fabulous point...Well done!"

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