Monday, October 26, 2009


Will a weak Jay Leno lead-in be the final straw that causes the collapse of the SuxNews 10 p.m. ratings?

This NY Post story certainly suggests that possibility.

November sweeps should be interesting. Even HD might not save the BigSux this time.


omatvwatcher said...

Well, the HD debut exceeded any of our wildest expectations!

Smith said...

It won't matter WHAT the lead-in is if this dismal newscast is the abomination that the 10/26 10PM Newscast was....

WTF WAS that????? For at least 5 minutes it was a total sounded like a tape was being chewed up by a VCR. After 3 minutes, they finally switched to dead air. After 10:05, I just couldn't watch anymore.

omatvwatcher said...

So does tonight's newscast mean that "10 at 10" means at least 10 minutes of dead air, guaranteed?

Dumb Anguish said...

LOL. The same thing happened this morning on that broken Daybreak program.

Jethrine Maddox went to introduce a story and viewers were treated to more dead air. Then, the picture went back to the studio and a camera desperately moving about before settling on a picture of a blank TV monitor. While in the background you could hear a male yelling. (Wasn't sure if it was the teenager director or the intern producer).

I'm being totally serious when I saw that, at this point, the news broadcasts produced by your local high school look more polished.

Cogitor said...

You are being serious. I saw it too. Even the shot framing was poor. Absolutely unwatchable.

Last night was worse. Did anyone consider white-balancing the cameras, or at least color-balancing them? One was hotter than hell, over-processing the light and washing out Madden's face all night - with NO adjustments during the cast.

I think the guy yelling off camera this morning was the trainer - obviously the only other human in the place. Monkeys in the control room might save them a buck or two off the top, but they sure put out a crappy product. I gave both last night and this morning a few minutes before switching to 7. It was just too painful to watch.

webchannel said...

Don't worry, Jim will save the book with the HOUR-BY-HOUR WINTER FORECAST!!!

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