Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The "Leno effect" may be secondary in the sinking of SuxNews in the ratings.

Monday night's HD debut was a disaster, plagued by even more technical incompetence than usual. As many commenters have pointed out, cameras were off-the-mark and on-the-move at all the wrong times, there was more dead air than could be found in a mausoleum, and Tracy Madden's head appeared to be a giant ball of light.

All this, combined with the usual incompetence of the talent at Sux, resulted in a newscast described by some alert readers as "unwatchable." The effort was every bit as bad as what might have been seen on KPTM for most of the past fifteen years, if not worse.

The sad, but not surprising, thing is that no one seemed to learn from the mistakes: this morning's "Daybreak" offering—a flub-fest, even on its best days—exhibited most of the same difficulties that were so visible last night.

If every employee at WOWT isn't embarrassed beyond belief, they should be.


Dumb Anguish said...

You know its really, really bad when WOWT actually issues an apology for their crap:


The last time I remember them actually apologizing for their pitiful station was when the tornado swept through town and The Weather Authority (TM) was showing a western.

By the way, I hope nobody believes their nonsense about how their new software doesn’t work. I mean, that might very well be the case…the software might suck. But the first rule of implementing new software is that you test the hell out of it before you start using it in the “real world”.

And if it’s not working right, then you certainly don’t blindly flip the switch anyway, cross your fingers, and hope your “loyal viewers” won’t care that you look like complete amateurs.

webchannel said...

Let's see, is it software that has been QA'd and implemented already at several other stations, or the users who apparently can't even spell half of their graphics and scrolls correctly or proofread them.

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