Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh, SuxNews, you claim to be so hip to technology, what with your connections on "Facebick" and what-not.

Why, then, is this story on your "web-channel"?

Ann McIntire's repeated references to an Omaha-born "iTunes app," suggest that one of the station's youngest on-air hipsters doesn't realize that there's no such animal. There are iTunes—songs and videos—sold on the iTunes store. And there are iPhone apps—assorted games and utilities designed for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch. They are two different things.

Having reporters who know that would at least give your ridiculous promos the veneer of credibility.

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Daddio said...


Love your blog, but you missed this one. The game in the sux story is an iTunes app sold in the iTunes store. iPod and iTouch items are sold and downloaded from the iTunes store. I am not sure if you can download iPhone apps from iTunes. The fact that the game is sold via iTunes was the jest of the story.

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