Saturday, August 29, 2009


Nice job, SuxNews, for broadcasting the last name of the young woman who succumbed to the H1N1 virus on Wednesday.

For whatever reason, the family asked that her last name not be used—a request that even KPTM was able to honor.

As usual, the Suxers show what a class(less) operation they're running at 35th and Farnam.

Also, Suxers have reverted to use of the term "swine flu," probably to keep J-Pa or Maltard from calling it "Hy-Ny."


John Q Public said...

I moved from Omaha to a very large metro area. You really can't appreciate how bad Omaha's local news is until you've seen the weekend cast on a real tv station. How pathetic it is that the third string at another station makes WOWT's first string look completely less-than-amateurish. I watched WOWT on the internets and wanted to vomit.

Cogitor said...

On the "internets"? Is that you, George? ; )

nebraska said...

I love WGN in Chicago. Per capita, I get better information on there than any newscast here! Tom Skilling gives better weather data including about Nebraska (!) than any of the weather-guessers here. Amazingly! John Q Public is 100% right on. The Omaha people are here because they aren't good enough to advance to a "real" TV market.

Tom_B said...

Did anyone notice that WOWT and KMTV announced at their 10 newscasts that the city council had approved the budget when in fact at that point it had been rejected and wasn't approved until later in the evening?

nebraska said...

I noticed all the inconsistencies Tom B noted, good work! Channel 7 correctly said no deal. That indicates the last minute deal was pulled (at the last minute)!!!!!

Red Hippo said...

I agree with John Q Public. We recently purchased a second home in Las Vegas, how refreshing it was to watch many news channels with literate anchors. I come back to Omaha and it is very painful to listen let alone watch the local news at any hour. I now find myself watching Vegas news channels online and Weatherbug for local weather. With the lack of talent on the news channels and the way the "City and State Forfathers" are running things, we soon will be a tumbleweed state.

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