Friday, August 07, 2009


Ending half a decade of speculation, WOWT's Dave Webber announced on Thursday's 10 p.m. newscast that he will be stepping down as sports director.

No timeline was given on exactly when Webber will exit; he plans to continue with the station on a part-time basis.

Ross Jernstrom, who has waited in the wings for over 20 years, will take Webber's place. It'll be interesting to see how the audience tolerates a nightly dose of his chipmunk-voiced yammering.

Suggestion to Channel Sux that they'll never take: Get KETV's Matt Schick and move Sux's sports reporting into the 21st century.

Meanwhile, J-Pa just keeps showing up and wandering through the news. When will he go away?


Dumb Anguish said...

In spite of myself, I can't help but like Dave Webber. He isn't the best at what he does. But, you know, he doesn't instead try to pass himself off as the best. (And how many of the folks at WOWT can you say that about?).

However, I'm weary about Ross Jernstrom taking over. He always takes these deep breaths when he talks, like he's always in the midst of an asthma attack. And I don't recommend Matt Schick for the job, either. Only because Schick actually cares about and puts some effort into his job and that just wouldn't fly at WOWT.

Why not hire Travis Justice and have the hands-down most unwatchable newscast in America?

Barb said...

DId you see that Jon Knicely and Jim Flowers had the 8 am Saturday gig today? We were wondering if they lost a bet!

justthefacts said...'s about flippin' time! Webs may be a nice guy and a wonderful human being, but as a sportscaster, he was pathetic. Sorry Dave, but you know little if anything about sports. Being that "sports" was his full-time job, you would think that he would know some general history, some background info, heck, even how to pronounce the name of some famous sports starts. Nope, not our Webs. As a sports guy, he was unwatchable....which means he fit right in on that station. With Webs sitting next to Omaha's own Ted-Baxter-like co-anchor as the "face" of their news, plopped down next to the crater-faced, arrogant, requisite female co-anchor, joined in happy talk with I-can't-get-thru-a-sentence-without-guffawing Jumpin' Jimmy, what a crew. Of course, what does that say about the Omaha news viewing public if that pathetic excuse of a station is even sniffing the top of the ratings?

Bye Dave....down let your little souvenir Husker corn cob hit you in the ass out the way out....Oh wait...never mind.

Husker Mike said...

Rumor mill suggests that KETV's Matt Schick is leaving...but going to KOZN-1620 AM for a morning show.

Helio said...

Dave is likable and has been around forever. It's time for some change @ WOWT on many, MANY, levels!
On a funnier note - If you haven't yet - check out Travis...he's shaved his melon!

Cogitor said...

Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe Matt Schick does care about actual sports reporting, but it appears to me as if he cares more about being a smug twerp and trying to be the next ESPN caricature. Boo-yah (puke). I won't miss that aspect. Can he out-annoy Stuart Scott or Chris-effing-Berman? A tall order, for sure.

mediahack said...

Funny -- any young sports guy on television who happens to be funny or witty is automatically considered "smug" or an ESPN wannabe.

Do you know of any of his catch phrases? Does he even have any?

I would love to know who you prefer to watch in town. That could shine some light as to how much credence should be given to your comment.

Joe Swank said...

I would agree with Cogitor, he hit it right on. Schick is Horrrrrible. Very annoying, cocky. Tries to be to cute. Take it back to Boulder Schick. And yes he will be on the Zone with Nick Bahe in the AM. Not sure if he is going to be still at 7.

Oh and Matt, oops I mean Mediahack. I prefer Jon Schutz (sp?)

Cogitor said...


Thanks Matt(?), but I don't need you to give credence to anything I say. It's just my opinion, and missing out on your approval doesn't keep me awake at night.

For the record, I tend to prefer Jon Schuetz to anyone else in town. There is no young sports guy in this market who's funny or witty.

Funny, Swank...I wrote my reply to Matt before I got down to yours. It's the cockiness that goes over the top for me, too. It is possible to be funny without showing the viewers you think you're the funniest guy ever to sit in front the desk. Have you ever sat in the audience when a stand-up came off with that attitude? Mmmm hmmm...crickets.

Anonymous said...

As little as Schick was on the air, either with sports or other assignments, his pay to work ratio was probably bigger than most peoples.

Anonymous said...

Webber is an ass.

theMickey's said...

Webber IS and always has been an ass. I remember channel sux hired an anchor named Sam "something." Webber didn't like his `tude, humiliated him right on the newscast. Sam moved on.

anybody memberdat?

Nathan said...

I can't imagine why anyone would think Webber is an ass. I've had the chance to meet him in person, and I thought he was a really nice guy. Very friendly, didn't have even a trace of the "Don't you know who I am?" attitude that a lot of the local news people have. Yeah, he may not have been the best when it came to being a sports anchor, but sports wasn't really his passion. From what I understand, he wanted to move up to John Knicely's position, but it didn't work out.

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