Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Anyone with knowledge of local history must have been as surprised as we were Wednesday morning when WOWT morning anchordolt Jimmy Thiedlecki tried to show off his brainpower by identifying a shot of Central High School as "the former state capitol building."

Problem is that the school is merely on the former site of the state capitol; the capitol building itself was torn down in 1870, and the current high school building didn't arrive on the scene until 1900.

As usual, Thiedlecki had only about half the story right, making his misguided smugness that much more annoying.


Anonymous said...

He's better off just watching Mallory cross her legs. Hey, ya hear he's got a tat of the YMCA `er something?

Cogitor said...

Well, I've got to give the guy a pass on this one. That's probably more detail than most Omahans know, let alone a NY native. He las likely was just reading what was on the prompter. One of the brainiacs behind the scenes probably penned that gem.

Maybe the same ones who write that fireworks are dangerous, pools are open, school's starting, taxes are due, people are drinking green beer at Clancy's, and all of that other recycled pap that keeps news directors from sending people out to find news.

Ted Brockman said...

Believe me, Codge, it was pure Thiedlecki ad-lib, coming out of a commercial, otherwise I would give him a pass.

The error wouldn't be so annoying if he seemed less self-satisfied when trying to impress everyone (or himself?) with his alleged vast knowledge and worldliness.

Dumb Anguish said...

Give the guy a break. At least he knew it was Omaha.

True story: I've seen Mr Siedlecki twice in real life. Both times were at the Baker's Supermarket and both times he was holding up me and everybody else in line because he didn't know how the hell to work the automatic check out machine.

Cogitor said...

Well, I tried to help a guy out! They should probably start writing out their ad-libs. In light of how poorly they do "Happy Talk" at WOWT (Brummer & Wysocki are equally abhorrent), it would certainly be best if every single word coming out of their mouths had been put to paper first. And even THAT doesn't always work at the Mighty Channel Six (see TEASE GOES HERE).

God, but they're just awful. Just got through watching Justin Joseph's hard-hitting story about...fireworks. Imagine that! Illegal fireworks, and how someone can get hurt. That must be some of that "solution-based" news Tracy Madden is talking about on that promo.

You know once July 4th comes and goes, the summer flies by, and it won't be but the blink of an eye before we hear once more about people taking advantage of Iowa's tax-free shopping day to buy school clothes.


Helio said...

"misguided smugness"...perfect description!

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