Thursday, July 16, 2009


He just can't help himthelf.

We're thpeaking, of courth, about ThuxNewth's Jimmy Thiedlecki.

This morning, coming out of a Today Show tease about a mule who counts, fetches, etc., Bumpkin Jim seized the opportunity to show off his (imagined) vast knowledge of pop culture by making a reference to the show's 1950s chimpanzee co-host, J. Fred Muggs. Unfortunately, Jimmy's propensity for knowing only half what he thinks he knows came shining through when Jimmy identified the chimp as "Fred G. Muggs."

As Jimmy would probably say, "Dave Garrison must be rolling in his grave." (That would be Jimmy's attempt to drop the name of original Today host Dave Garroway.)

Isn't it about time to send WOWT's version of Muggs back to Joplin?


Justin Case said...

Prythleth! Sort of reminds me of the comedian from the 70's (Norm Crosby?) who made a career of purposely mis-pronouncing names.

Big difference between doing it on purpose and getting laughs, and trying to do serious news and getting the same reaction!

Maybe thum thpeeth therapy could be a bonuth at thith plath.

Dumb Anguish said...

Its not the just that dreadful Daybreak crew that can't get their facts straight on WOWT.

Just a few moments ago Tracy Madden was informing viewers that "40 years ago today, man took his first step on the moon".

Bzzzt! Today is July 16. Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk happened on July 20, 1969.

Apollo 11 did launch on July 16, but it sure didn't take them less than a day to get to the freaking moon.

I seriously don't like to nit-pick, but that was one of the biggest events in all of human history. You'd think even the nitwits at WOWT would get the date right.

RazZDoodle said...

Graphic seen on Channel 6 lead story:

"Grizzly discovery...." as a graphic.

Didn't realize bears were native to the area.

Operation Seng said...

Ah details and facts...WHO really cares about the details and facts? We're here to entertain...not inform. Will someone please wake me up when it's over...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dumb Anguish... I was going to post... I saw that and was like, "WTF! They screwed that up?!?" I was in disbelief.

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