Wednesday, July 08, 2009


• One alert reader/well-placed insider suggests that Joe Jordan left Action 3rd of his own volition, reportedly to oversee a new Nebraska government watchdog blog similar to

• Among the details we neglected to mention in discussing the Action 3rd email forwarded to us by an alert reader: Mary Williams had been working full-time as marketing director for a local financial planning firm for over a year. She had continued with KMTV on a part-time basis at the station's request.

• Sux News's latest promo features various station personalities urging viewers to "get connected" via various electronic media, one of which is called "Face-bick," according to Maltard Maddox. What is wrong with this woman? Can she not hear herself?

• Speaking of worthless things on the web, an alert reader recommends taking a look at turkey-necked former SuxNews anchor Pat Persaud's Twitter feed, where one can find such riveting gems as this: "watching mj memorial. lots of memories growing up with his songs!" Read a few other tweets from Queen Pat, and it quickly becomes clear why her TV work was so empty.


kdklown said...

What I think that the average man on the street doesn't understand about the direction of local television news is that your typical moron accepts the "Tweets" or the "Twats" or whatever the hell you call them as factual. It used to be that you actually had to go to J-School and have some experience in the business to work in this market. Now any 15 year old with zits and a computer have their shit put on the air...especially by Channel Sux. Joe Jordan won so many AP awards he will probably have to rent a Ryder truck to get them out of that shithole of a station. Who is going to replace him...some kid who yells so loud that the audio person has to be Mary Matlin or the blonde bimbette who stares at the camera like a deer in the headlights? No, I'm not trying to live in the eighties...I'm just telling it like it is. I'm so sorry it had to come to this Ninette...leave me a chair up there the same way you used to at the Mai Tai.

Operation Seng said...

A little off the topic; but did anyone happen to see KPTM last night (Wednesday, July 8th)? Apparently the graphics got a little screwy and emblazoned over the story about the mayor of Bellevue passing away was the caption "News" and below it "Dies" reading only NEWS DIES.

I knew 42 was bad, but I didn't know that news went there to die. Kind of makes sense though when you think about it.

Ted Brockman said...

KPTM is just one of two places on Farnam Street where news can go to die these days.

It's Raining In Spain said...

A new low...even for Sheila Brummer and KM Third.

I was channel surfing this morning before 7AM and watched Brummer read the story about the man who accidently shot his wife receiving his sentence. The intro included the phrase "dialing for a deal".

This snarky turn of phrase had no business in a serious story about the outcome of a very sad, very stupid accident. The man in question accepted responsibility and his sentence with as much grace and dignity as the situation would allow.

Too bad Brummer and her producer couldn't even define grace and dignity.

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