Friday, June 19, 2009

Maltard Word of the Day

KAH-mer: more sedate (Example: "Theens are metch kahmer today, aren't they, Restee?")


Operation Seng said...

A couple of items:

Anyone see Sux news Sunday morning...? Kaitlin Roth did an interview with the Durham spokeswoman. Apparently the editors at Sux forgot to edit the portion of the tape where Kaitlin asks the woman her last name, as she has forgotten the woman's last name. Kaitlin then says something to the effect of having to do a second take. Then she says "take two" and continues on. This further proves that the inmates are running the asylum at what is Channel Sux news. I laughed my butt off.


I am hearing a number of people telling me that Tracy Madden and Andrea Rich apparently got into it on one of the four PM newscasts a couple weeks ago. Tracy apparently down-dressed Andrea Rich directly on the air. I know Tracy is a witch...but I can't hardly believe it would spill over onto the airwaves. Can anyone corroborate whether there is any truth to this or not? Just curious...

nebraska said...

Hey is Jaime McCutcheon pregnant? She looks bigger over the last several weeks.

Ted Brockman said...

If Madden corrected someone on-air, it may be the only evidence we have that anyone there has ever said anything to anyone that might suggest improvement was needed. Seriously, does anyone make these people look at themselves critically? Since Maltard hasn't lost that backwoods accent in her four years here and Jimmy Thiedlecki still shouts and spits his reports, the answer would seem to be "no."

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed McCutcheon (Have you read that blog...good grief, I think it was Pat Persaud's inspiration for worthlessness) is looking a big chubbers. I'd say baby or new fake boobs.

Yep - just checked her moronic blog - she is pregnant. Due in October. We'll get a nice hiatus from that.

Smith said...

Did anyone catch the "late breaking news" story at the top of the 10PM newscast on channel 6 Sunday night? Apparently there was a shooting at Carter broad daylight! How EARLY can shit happen before it is NOT "Late" BREAKING news?

Operation Seng said...

Hey Ted:

Just a little more on the Andrea Rich incident; I happened to actually tune in on Sunday night and saw Andrea sniping at Brian Mastre over a lame joke he made about not having 100's in the forecast. Tracy is absolved and Andrea Rich REALLY needs to get a sense of humor.

But then...apparently everyone over at Sux must have a heck of a sense of humor in order to put that crap they call "news" on the air.

Is everyone there reading MAD magazine? Ooops...sorry...MAD is classier.

Dumb Anguish said...

What cracks me up is the way Miss Malorie screws up pronunciations in almost a bizarro world fashion.

Ted has pointed out how she'll pronounce "hail" as "hell"

But the other morning I happened to catch her blabbering on about Pell Grants. And she pronounced it guessed it..."Pail Grant".

Girl is screwed up.

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