Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It appears that only NPR-affiliate KIOS-FM has the one rational news crew (probably two people) in the city.

On its Tuesday afternoon newscast, the KIOS newsreader noted, quite accurately, that hot weather at this time of year in Omaha is NORMAL. There was even a soundbite or two of a National Weather Service meteorologist confirming this discovery.

You wouldn't know it from watching any local TV station.

All three (four, if you count what's left of KPTM) had reporters and weatherguessers carrying on as if it were raining fishes and the streets were filled with Maalox.

It's basically the same hysterical shtick that grips stations when it snows or gets cold during the winter, but, for the love of God, everyone's irritable enough as it is; do we really need some bird-brained rookie reporter showing us what box-fans and sweaty fat people look like?

Is it essential to a station's mission to tell people how to dress or to stay hydrated? It seems unlikely that even a diehard Channel Sux viewer is out mowing the front yard in a parka and long-johns or depriving himself of liquids because he thinks it'll cool him off.

For cryin' out loud, news directors: people are being shot with frightening regularity, the city is facing a financial crisis, every friggin' road in town is blocked by construction barricades, the College World Series is in town, gas prices have been soaring, Ed McMahon is dead, and all you can come up with is "experts" who say it's a good idea to avoid wearing black and weightlifting in the afternoon sun? These stories are only a half step above an insipid "live chat" with viewers.

Just this once, how 'bout you surprise us and, oh, say, do your jobs?


Max Cool said...

GO, Ted, GO!!!

Helio said...

You make a good point Ted. The local "News-Yokels" do it every year. Over explaining everything for all the CWS folks in town. The other night Jim Flowers was reminding everyone that we are in "D-O-U-G-L-A-S County". Like that even matters. His lame forecasts might as well be for Homer & Marge in Springfield.

Anonymous said...
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just a regular chick said...

hmmm....what happened to that cutie pie dean on channel 3? i used to look forward to waking up to him....now there's nothing to look at :(

Cogitor said...

Being a news director has apparently become the easiest job in town. They aren't doing much about sending people out for anything of value. If some such happens to fall in their laps via a police scanner, well, that's a huge BONUS! It's ridiculous, but that must be what the consultants are telling them. Or perhaps the accountants. It's got to cost less to paste up the packages of shit that they try to pass off as news. It's obvious no one's collecting overtime putting that dreck together. It's worse than ridiculous. It's insulting.

just a regular chick said...

no one seems to care that kim jong il has gone off the deep end, but hey...we all know every detail of jon and kates divorce! who cares??? she was soooo mean to him anyway!

Al said...

The Omaha news directors don't have a clue, and the staff they direct are a bunch of bubbly bumbling blonds who don't have a clue and never will.

Christopher said...

You are so correct Ted. Last week, both 6 and 7 were breaking in at every commercial break all night to tell us where the Tunderstorms were. They were not even really Severe Thunderstorms, just your normal summer storms. It's annoying and just comes across as crying wolf. They wonder why people don't pay attention to a real warning anymore.

Jesse said...

KETV apparently hired Captain Obvious as a staff writer for their website.

There was a story put up Sunday stating that firework sales are expected to jump the week before July 4th. Must be the economy.

Link: http://www.ketv.com/money/19885238/detail.html

Smith said...

Does anyone have insight into the recent change to the World Herald website?

What the hell is the "Your photos" section doing on there???

Husker Mike said...

Because posting reader photographs is cheaper than paying someone to create content.

Smith said...

I understand cutting cost, but DAMN....why on earth is a NEWSPAPER facilitating personal photos of sleeping babies, people laying around their homes and personal photo albums on its website??

Why can't they just put the public pulse back on the website or make it bigger if they need more content??

God forbid another Westroads shooting or some other major national event happens in Omaha and a picture of Junior falling asleep at his 1st birthday party is on the HOME PAGE!

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