Thursday, June 04, 2009


Two of the features on the inexplicable website set up for former anchor Pat Persaud on the Channel Sux "web channel" remind us that no one in Omaha broadcasting has ever been more willing to pimp out her family to further her career (if you consider her stupid little website an extension of her career, of course).

"Pat's Personal Pics" includes lots of snapshots of her kids standing with tennis rackets in front of their bzillion dollar home, scuba diving, fishing, and throwing gang signs with their very white friends. The video section includes shaky footage of her sucking down homemade hooch with her husband, Lumir, and scenes from her cousin's Hindu wedding.

What on earth would Pat put on her page if she were an orphan or a spinster?

Ol' Turkey Neck puts the Pat in pathetic.


Dumb Anguish said...

Oh sweet Jesus. I thought you were being tough on old Pat. But I just went and looked at the dreadful Pat page on the webchannel.

I can't believe the idiots at WOWT thought that Pat Persaud could put up a video of her daughter making cookies and that anybody would actually give a damn.

nebraska said...

Scores of people have told me what a condescending person Pat Persaud is. Definitely, there must be an attitude issue. I was @ WOWT studio visiting some 12-15 years ago. She unexpectedly walked past me. I said "hi". She said nothing. I met a guy who was a waiter. He waited on her and other times Warren Buffett. Both were total snots. I am not against anyone here. But. I have heard the same uniform complaints about those two. Readers weigh in!

Will said...

I'm with you, Dumb Anguish. That web page is a total waste of bandwidth.

I imagine all their owners' stations are doing the exact same thing with their "web channels". Their consultant must have told them the viewers are still pining for Pat, since given all the tales of how Six management we unhappy with her prior to her alleged retirement, I can't imagine any other reason for putting her face on this thing.

nebraska said...

Will; Tell us some stories of Pat Persaud alienating management.

News watcher said...

Nebraska, are there any "nice" local tv people out there?

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