Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Channel Sux is promoting tonight's newscast with word of "a familiar face" returning to "the Channel Six family" and the phrase "in Touch" scrawled across the screen.

Brace yourselves.

This can only mean that turkey-necked crone, former anchor Pat Persaud, is resurfacing with some sort of human interest feature—an idea ripped directly off of KETV's repurposing of Julie Cornell after she stepped down from her anchor spot.

Will Queen Pat still have her glum expression that looks like an upside-down smile? Will she still stumble through stories and sound like the laziest woman in television? Will she still wear excessively revealing clothing suitable only for women thirty years younger?

It may not be good, but it'll probably worth a laugh or two.


Will said...

I'd rather see Dale Munson.

Helio said...

Thank God it wasn't Gary Kerr or Sheila Brummer!
Pat is back to announce that she is a wino and trying to figure out "Twitter"...the ratings are going to soar now!

Will said...

Just turned off Six.

That was pretty awkward, old Pat standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine.

Seriously. What the hell was that?

Cogitor said...

Or Meryl Workhoven. At least he knew when his time was up. As soon as they said "Pat" I was flipping channels.

Just when you thought Six couldn't get any worse, they show you why they're the kings. Maybe they should go for broke and try to woo Wysocki (who I believe said, "My butt" on the air yesterday morning) away from Third so he can spout inappropriate "witticisms" with Malorie in the morning. Brummer can handle them just fine on her own over at KM.

just a regular chick said...

wysocki is eye candy!!!

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