Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Time for a little reader fun.

Use the comment feature to suggest an appropriate caption for this photo from the SuxNews Facebook page. (Is it an optical illusion or is Maltard a little stout in this pic?)


Omababe said...

Uh, what the heck are they supposed to be looking at? What kind of a pose is that supposed to be?

Dumb Anguish said...

Malorie fantasizes about the day Paris Hilton finally answers that fan letter.

aegix said...

You gotta problem with "man hands?"

Cogitor said...

(thought balloons)
Jimmy: Heehee...I farted.
Mallorie: Hmmmm...I theenk Jimmy farted. It steenks.

It's Raining In Spain said...

Caption "hmm...that Kleig light is just about ready to knock her flat"

As to Mallorie's size, isn't it written in Tracy's contract that any female anchorette in the same frame MUST get crummy camera angles?

Al said...

"I need to talk to my agent." And, "Yes, I know I'm putting on weight, lots of weight."

Anonymous said...

2 of these things are not like the others, 2 of these things just don't belong.

Justin Case said...

Malorie: "Umm, Treecy, I think #37 is out of place...and hun, your roots need done again!"

John: "Isn't life grand?!"

Tracy: (thought bubble) "...touch the hair bitch, and you're dead!"

Jim: "I like chicken!"

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