Monday, June 01, 2009


In addition to using its online chats to avoid covering news, WOWT is now using commercials disguised as news. Two great examples showed up on Monday's 6 p.m. broadcast.

First, Tracy Madden gleefully informed us that Omaha again has a Mitsubishi car dealership after a grim two-month drought. There was b-roll and interview clips with a salesman about how great the new outfit is. How much do you suppose the dealer had to spend to get this freebie?

The second newsmercial originated in the Ejacuweather Authority corner, with the announcement that viewers can now pay get emails, phone calls, and text messages when they're about to be hit by severe weather.

That's right—Channel Sux is now selling its weather alerts, for a $9.95 annual fee. There was no mention if these alerts will be more accurate or available than what's doled out to us poor saps who rely on the free info.


Jesse said...

Will we have to subscribe to KFAB weather alerts in case tornadic weather comes to Omaha?

diesel_dog_99 said...

The NBC out here in Hastings has been doing that for a year. Go figure, normally the smaller stations are the ones copying the bigger ones.

Operation Seng said...

Haven't they heard of WEATHERBUG...? And it's free...!!!! I sincerely hope this piece of $h*t blows up in there respective faces!

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