Thursday, June 04, 2009


Wednesday night's big announcement regarding a "familiar face" returning to Channel Sux was even less worthy of airtime than one of their inane live chats. For those of you who can't stand the suspense, the upshot of the whole thing appears to be that creepy, cougary-looking former anchor Pat Persaud now has a webpage.

Anchor Tracy Madden and puffy fill-in-for-J-Pa Brian Mastre seemed disproportionately delighted in making the announcement, which included a live remote featuring Queen Pat swilling wine in her kitchen.

Claiming that her drinking stemmed from her nervousness about the announcement (eye-roll), Pat screeched "How are you guys?!" at Madden and Mastre at least twice while trying, in her typically bumbling fashion, to explain the point of her "In Touch" webpage.

A quick look at the site reveals more of what we've come to expect from TV in general and Channel Sux in particular—lots of style and little substance. Perhaps most representative is Pat's blog, which is filled with riveting accounts of Governor Dave Heineman's 61st birthday party and Pat's life since "retiring" four years ago.

The quality of the writing is roughly that of a 15-year-old girl. For example, the latter post contains 25 lines of copy and 20 exclamation points. And Pat doesn't seem to realize that the contraction for "it is" requires an apostrophe. (Officials at Morningside College must cringe every time Pat mentions having a degree from there.)

We just cringe every time we see her tiny, wrinkly, scantily-clad frame on the TV—and now, computer—screen.


Will said...

Well, it's not a bad idea,just not much of an idea ta all. Just a sort of low-grade blog.

Can anyone explain to me just how it came to be that Six would want her on their, "web channel" in the first place? I thought they essentially showed her the door?

kdklown said...

As a former newser in this town
I can no longer hold my tongue over the state of affairs at WOWT. It is absolutely frightening to see how far their news operation has fallen...Steve Murphy and John Clark must be spinning in their graves like dreidels. Is there anyone left at their station who has a journalism degree or the guts to remind management they DO have one? Why does every segment feature viewer comments?'s supposed to be a newscast, not a high school chat room. And by the way...MOST VIEWERS ARE why do I as a viewer care what a fellow moron thinks? Intelligent viewers (the ones who actually go out and buy the products advertised duing the program) turn on the news because they want to find out what has happened in the last 24 hours. The "Women's Health" segment (which is a free ad for a local hospital chain)...must mean you don't care about MY health because I have a penis. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO LOCAL NEWS WHEN CONSULTANTS(who are all morons who got fired from the real news world)CONTROL YOUR NEWS CONTENT. And to sum it all up the formula you've concocted is working SOOO well you've had to bring back Princess Patty with a "In Touchmyself" gimmick or something like that. There are exactly two real news managers left in this town, both of them at Channel Seven. God help us all if they ever leave because no one else in local news in Omaha has the sack to produce a real newscast anymore.

Al said...

Good stuff. Why in the world would I care what Pat P. is up to these days, she brings nothing to the table, except maybe a little bit too much wine drinking.

Operation Seng said...

kdklown...laughing my butt off at your post. It's all so very true to those of us that remember the good old days when journalism was REALLY journalism...

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