Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mike Kelly's column in the local paper gets just a little more pathetic with each installment. Saturday marked a new low as his lead "from the notebook" item celebrated the fact that comedian Groucho Marx—who has been dead since 1977—once performed a song which mentioned Omaha.

Really, Mike? This is all you've got left in the "Look How Hip Omaha Is" file? Aren't there any editors left at the paper these days? This desperate grasp at relevance is a stretch even by your standards.

And they wonder why newspapers are dying.

• The heat is off WOWT's John Chapman, at least for a while. With the hiring of reporter Nadia Singh, Chapman is no longer the station's only non-white on-air staffer. Unfortunately for Singh, she's already been relegated to live reports for SuxNews's morning program. Mayellorie Maltard Maddox pronounces her last name as "seen," and Jimmy Thiedlecki just couldn't get over the fact that she was wearing a scarf on Monday. Poor thing doesn't have a chance, working with those two bumpkins.


Cogitor said...

KM3's website - the crappiest in the business - may have changed a little somewhat recently. It now shows Tom Meyers' business card as the feature item on the home page. Wow...that's every bit as classy as their full day of infomercials over the weekend. Talk about giving up. Jesus. But I digress.

The website features almost every crappy graphic there is, and no space where yet another ad isn't squeezed in. Because of all that it loads slowly even over a T1 line. Laughable. It's a HORRIBLE first impression.

And yet it STILL does not show Brummer as a member fo the staff. Classic. Note to KM3: Failing to list Sheila Brummer as a member fo your staff doesn't actually improve the wretched first impression your podunk website creates, even though one might imagine it would. You would be better served by disappearing from the web altogether. At least then the only place you could shoot yourselves in the foot would be over the air.

Omanewswatcher said...

Thank you for mentioning the KM3 site. I noticed that Brummer is not part of their site even though she has been doing morning news for at least two months! So can anyone answer my question? Did Sheila Brummer have some type of facelift? There appears to have been some cosmetic work done with her.
Does anyone care to weigh in on this topic?

EJ said...

Nadia's alias on Twitter is mochabunny69, for whatever that's worth.

Anonymous said...

Maltard word...

Winzday - day of the week, the one that comes after Tuesday.

Cogitor said...

Another KMTV blast: They are apparently succeding in their inexplicable attempt to turn Wysocki into the Happy Talk Guy on Steroids, and of course, Sheila Brummer, with all of her magnificently awkward skills in that arena, plays right into it.

This morning's show featured a blurb about the 17-year old olympic gymnast from Iowa on the dancing show. I guess she won. Wysocki made a comment about liking her outfit, and Brummer piped right in with an inference that what he'd like would be a MALFUNTION of one of her outfit. Of course, the ever-smooth D.W. basically agreed. I can just imagine the guys in the booth slapping their foreheads over that inappropriate exchange concerning a 17-year-old girl. Way to go, D.W. and S.B. (or should it be B.S.?). What a couple of rubes.

Steve said...

Would you admit to having employed Brummer? If I accidentally flip to KM3 when she is on I can feel her looking into my soul (and then attempting to snatch it). It really does creep me out. I used to watch the KM3 mornings until Stowell went to the weekends. Now I watch videos on VH1.


Mike said...

I'm glad they hired Singh, for what little time she gets, they needed the eye candy.

Helio said...

Jim Flowers speaks gibberish!

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