Friday, April 17, 2009


When we published our remarks regarding Wednesday's "tea parties," we were so inundated with vile comments that we had to shut down that feature on this site.

The gist of most—which we suspect would've been in crayon, had they been written on paper—suggested that we were mischaracterizing the folks who showed up there. They were not crackpots and they weren't anti-Obama and they weren't partisan, we were told.


Today brings a column by the Omaha World-Herald's Robert Nelson, who said he went to the "party" expecting a non-partisan gathering of sensible people concerned about the ramifications of increased government spending. This excerpt explains what he found:
This “tea party” was nothing more than a thinly veiled, talk-radio Republican crankfest attempting to rewrite recent history regarding debt, deficit spending, bailouts, stimulus dollars and taxes.

And out came the usual suspects. Signs heralding old immigrants (our forefathers) while denigrating the new ones (Mexicans). Dozens of signs blaming Obama for all the nation’s ills (he’s been president how long?). And the sign knocking 545 members of Congress, 10 more than there really are.

There were term-limits people, assault-weapons backers and the requisite number of the Scary Dudes in Funny Hats milling about and mumbling about The Government.

And so much of that smug, sanctimonious far-right posture: I love America more than you do. I love American vets more than you do. I’m the one who knows what God and the Founding Fathers intended.
Sounds not that different from what we saw. Apparently, we weren't as far off base as our nut-job commenters would have us believe.

Read Nelson's whole column here.


nebraska said...

Thanks for printing the truth about this. I see the whiners didn't complain when Bush & Company were running up the massive debts ($6 trillion to $12 trillion in just a few years). Worse, the deficit spending didn't help me at all, and I'm alleged middle class.

Operation Seng said...

I agree with Nebraska...and why just bash the federal government over the supposed high taxes...? Where is the outcry over the high taxes being foisted upon the citizenry by the state of Nebraska...? Oh...I forgot...the difference between the federal and state governments is; the feds are run by Democrats; whereas, the state is run by the beloved Republicans. Give me a break already and admit it...the Republican Party is headed toward irrelevancy and in serious need of some new ideas.

Rick said...

Well, the tea party I was at criticized both parties, and I personally was disgusted with Republicans and Bush for out of control spending. I just had (have) to deal with Lee Terry as my rep, and he apparently has problems answering correspondence from his constituents.

There is an inherent flaw in nebraska's post, though. "...the deficit spending didn't help me at all...". The government is not supposed to help people with any handouts, and that is what the parties were about. People are sick and tired of out of control spending on shit we don't need by both political parties.

Tell me, how will the current deficit explosion help anyone?

Operation Seng said...

It won't help, Rick. But the issue that I have with the tea parties was the fact that it was organized by right-wing radioheads and right-wing television hosts under the guise of salvation from taxes. That's where I had to draw the line at supporting it; because it was not done under truly noble purposes. And most of the signage I saw at numerous rallies was anti-Obama.

I also have a problem with a prominent member of Congress from Texas supporting the tea parties when he was firmly in favor of the AIG bailouts and the bonuses paid to the execs. That's hypocrisy at its height.

As I said in an earlier post; they shouldn't just be protesting the federal government, but the state government as well. Sadly, though, they will not do this, as the powers in charge are of their beloved Republican Party.

As far as Lee Terry is concerned; I've written off anything that idiot said or did a long, long time ago. Anyone that campaigns on Obama's coattails (see the advertisements he was pushing in the World-Herald AND on television; "Vote for Terry and Obama") and then proceeds to vote against everything Obama proposes is also hypocrisy. The man needs a spine.

Again; I could have supported the "tea baggers" if the cause would have been noble and truly bi-partisan. wasn't.

This was not organized under

nebraska said...

Rick--I meant my comment satirically. Operation Seng is right about the bad local spenders. Why do we "need" two new local baseball stadiums? Buffett the Billionaire is a part owner of the Royals??? He could pay for the stadium cash. But, no, he is socializing the project. Kermit Brashear is a lobbyist and a Republican, yet is like Daub and Terry--tax and spend. Lee Terry is a moron--supposedly the only legislation he introduced as a Congressman was to rename a post office! I've NOT seen him fight for anything. So, what the hell is he doing then??????

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