Monday, April 27, 2009

Maltard Word of the Day

*dess: multiple losses of life (example: "The attack resulted in twinny-five dess.")


Dumb Anguish said...

You've got to check this out on the web-channel:

Jimbo tries to explain why his vaunted winter forecast wasn't up to snuff.

My favorite part is how he claims that if we had got half the normal snowfall for March, he might have actually been close.

webchannel said...

If the actual snowfall had been close to average, my prediction of an average snowfall would have been close. Maybe this is the logic you need to tell yourself everyday when you are a complete fraud.

It’s time to abandon this annual BS and announce that it is a ratings grabbing gimmick.

Time to strip the title ‘The Weather Authority” crap as well. Also, why don’t you try justifying your Hour-by-Hour crap and those stupid ass commercials that you ripped off from Alegent Health. It is not that possible to be that accurate, but it is completely irresponsible to act like you are.

Here’s the problem. People buy the BS you constantly spew out. People in this city talk about the tough winters that are coming because of that forecast and then hibernate for the winter. Every time you try to find the worst case scenario for your forecast, any computer forecast anywhere (like the European model) 7 days out that may have a fricken’ snowflake in it so you put snow on the forecast, so if by some random chance, once a winter, you actually predict a snowfall, and then you can make a fricken’ promo about it, that is irresponsible. And then claiming “The Weather Authority” and “Hour by Hour” and before that, ”Precision Forecast”, this is dangerous. Why? Because people believe you, and then turn to you, and then when you wake up in the middle of the night, in your house in Millard, and you think, wow, the weather sounds like it is getting rough, I better check with the Weather Authority, but the Wild, Wild, West is on, so everything must be OK. Then a tornado hits. That is irresponsible and dangerous. And then you try to justify that the next day, but at least one other station did not make that mistake; it’s time for you to go. Cut the promos, cut the crap, worry about weather and public safety, not how many times I can interrupt prime time TV with a cut in or graphic about a normal thunderstorm.

Damon Scott Hynes said...

Re: Jimbo LaFleur and his revisionist forecast, does the phrase 'if my aunt had balls' ring a bell?

Counciltucky said...

lol @ Dumb Anguish. That was a pretty lame excuse. Jumpy Jim would have been better off just saying that it fell a few inches short of the prediction, rather than trying to justify anything. Instead, he looks desperate for some sort of credibility.

Helio said...

I agree with you all about Jumpy Jim - TMI Jim (less is more)...I have to say that I can no longer tolerate his "double speak" forecasts...and another thing...I can no longer tolerate KMTV or WOWT in the morning. Thank God the morning crew @ KETV does not disappoint. Sorry for the rant! - :D

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