Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mal-Tard Word of the Day

SEM-it: meeting of world leaders


Smith said...

The iTeam is investigating a postcard on tomorrow's

bigpoppaE said...

One thing I can say about Channel 3..they sure can spin a yarn. Like yesterday, when Devon Patton did a live shot about how a woman was robbed, run over by a car, dragged and was in a coma in the hospital..oh and she's pregnant too.

Turns out, she did get robbed, but she jumped on the car and was thrown off. She was taken to the hospital with some scrapes and probably isn't even pregnant.

How does a news organization manage to repeatedly create coverage that is completely blown out of proportion and still maintain even the few viewers they still have? Lord knows they have absolutely zero credibility as a news organization at this point.

Trish said...

ok...gotta do you know taht she jumped on the car and isnt pregnant???

Rick said...

I know bigpoppaE is right. That lady was my sister.

Ok, no she wasn't, and I don't know about Patton's report. All I know is he is not a nice person at Channel Turd. Harassment or racism? I make no charge, and he can explain the story.

Anyway, a local station did a story on my aunt owning a business. They said she had it for 2 years, when she just bought it in December. They gave the wrong address, constantly mispronounced her name, and so forth. Still ran as news though.

Just remember, they are nothing more than headline-readers, and are probably a less reliable source than Wikipedia.

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