Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mal-Tard Word of the Day

GEV-er-mint: organized authority (example: "Kawngriss is part of the gevermint.")


Smith said...
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Smith said...

Was the top story on KETV Thursday night @ 10 REALLY about a Spiderman comic book in the library?

They played that story before the one about the armed escaped inmates that were captured....

And then during there was a commercial for Carol Kloss' next iTeam investigation where she will "get to the bottom of" finding out who wrote "bankrupt deadbeat" on someone's prescription from the pharmacy....hahahahahahahaha

Operationseng said...

Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
does whatever a spider can,
Watches only KETV,
With his creator Stan Lee
Look out
Here comes the Spider-Man,
Todd Andrews, Farah Fazal
KETV's got them all,
Look out,
There go the ratings to number three...

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