Friday, February 20, 2009


• Why did the hair of Channel Sux bimbo Mayellorie Maddox change colors thrice this week? On Tuesday, it was bleach-blonde. On Wednesday, light brunette. Thursday brought a compromise between the Tuesday and Wednesday shades. And by Friday, she was back to bleach blonde. Did someone's paws inadvertently grab the wrong shade of Miss Clairol?

• Speaking of Maladroit, what did she find "cool" about Brownell-Talbot in this week's "High School Cribs"? A robot-building science project and a jazz band. Wow. How cutting-edge.

• Why was KETV running this stock quote on Wednesday? 

"Problem is," the alert reader who sent this notes, "Alltel was taken private at $71.50/sh. In November. 2007."

• Ever the copycats rather than innovators, Channel Sux now appears to be following Action 3rd's lead by staffing its newscasts with two on-air meteorologists several times over the past week. 


Smith said...

Has anyone seen KETV's coverage of the recent housefire on 27th & Camden? The way they have been giving updates for 2 days straight now on the status of the 6 month old cat that was inside?

Dumb Anguish said...

The Malorie Gallery dyes her hair? "Didn't see that one coming", he said in a sarcastic tone

The Black Sheep said...

For the sake of the station's dwindling budget, I hope the weathermen ("Ejacucasters?") are salaried.

As for the screenshot, well it DID say the price was unchanged...

justthefacts said...

Speaking of hair color....what happened to Marla Rabe's long blond locks on Ch 7? The short brown hair just doesn't do her justice. Marla, if you read this, here's one fan who thinks you look better with the long blond hair.

Dumb Anguish said...

Did you catch Jimmy quoting Shakespeare on that dreadful Daybreak show this morning? Maybe he wanted to show us he was citified now. I don't know.

But on a show with its own little chat room, a traffic lady saying "The rush is on" every eight minutes, and pictures of one-year-olds who like to play peek-a-boo...Kinda out of place.

Next time if you want to try and impress people, go with something a little more subtle...Like wearing a tuxedo to a rummage sale.

Helio said...

Someone should send Mike McKnight on a special mission to investigate the whereabouts of useful morning news on Channel 6. It's been missing for a very long time

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it's not just WOWT that is totally lacking in relevant news content for the morning show. Most newscasts in this town at any time of the day or night are lacking, but mornings are just 10 minutes of pure pap (including commercials) repeated a dozen times or so, no matter what station you choose. You might as well sell the time and show Ginsu knives, or that goddamn Billy Mays screaming about cleaning something.

One other thing: Maybe they could spend some time actually updating their unbelievably trashy web sites. There's so much crap on the pages, 1/2 of it ads, that it sometimes takes a while to load them, even through a T1. And when they finally do load, they all look like they were designed by a tag team of Stevie Wonder and Jackson Pollock, with a room full of chimpanzees as the final editorial board. Jesus, what a cluster%#$&. But wait, there's more! Not only ugly, they're inaccurate. As of yesterday, Brummer wasn't shown as part of 3's team, and Own Lei was still listed as part of 7's crew while the new weather caster, Candace something, was not.

There's just nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done, is there?.

Husker Mike said...

Speaking of web sites, KETV seems to have outsourced their local news to an aggregator. The funny thing is that the aggregator is posting stories from the competition. Last week, I found a story on that linked to, and a couple of days later, another that linked to

Smith said...

Holy CRAP. Did anyone see Friday's coverage of the "snowstorm" during the 5PM newscast Friday?

The first 5 minutes was filled with nonstop coverage. I tuned in in time to hear Scott Boer reporting from somewhere in Blair. He reported with a still shot of an 800 sq. ft. home in Blair as visual aid as he explained how he saw an "embarrassed individual" run into a light pole.

This was followed by another still shot of a road in Scribner. They then cut back to the studio where Marla Rabe hoped aloud that "we don't see anything like that tonight".

Then this all was topped off by a live report from Farah Fazal near 87th & Dodge. She explained that the flurries had not affected traffic as the camera zoomed in on cars waiting at a red light several hundred feet behind her. She also let us know that she "talked to someone at ACE Hardware" and despite a six minute top-of-the-newscast feature story, that people weren't really concerned about the storm since tomorrow is not a school day and most folks don't have to go to work.

Then almost as if to give her approval, Marla Rabe said "That makes sense Farah. Thanks."

It was classic!

Anonymous said...

That would be Kristi Anderson anchoring tonight, not Marla Rabe

Smith said...

^Yes, my bad....replace Marla Rabe w/ Kristi Anderson..

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