Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, it appears that the poor folks over at Action 3rd News are trying to do something with their morning show.

First, as we've already mentioned, former SuxNews 4 p.m. anchor Sheila Brummer is back in town, having apparently been hired to replace the lethargic Kerri Stowell, whose fate is unknown (at least to us). And, as surprised as we are to see these words crawling onto the screen as we type them, Brummer isn't so bad.

On this program, she comes across as pleasant and articulate, with little of the smarmy saccharine pap that was characteristic of her work at the Big Sux. Like her former co-anchor at Sux, Brian Mastre, Brummer is inexplicably more palatable in the morning, if only because she's such an improvement over the hillbillies working opposite her at Sux.

However, the strangest thing about the new-look Channel 3rd morning program is why, exactly, they've added a second meteorologist to the mix. That's right—two meteorologists.

Now, not only is "C.T." Thongklin jabbering about the weather, so is Dean Wysocki

Our guess is that somebody in Urinal Broadcasting management said, "We need more people on the morning show," and, after dozens of meetings and brainstorming sessions, the verdict was that, instead of hiring someone to join the team, the cheap and clueless thing to do would be to use someone already on the payroll. And Wysocki drew the short straw.

Not that anyone asked, but we think it might have been better strategically to tap sportsdouche Travis Justice for the spot. With 3rd's morning numbers already in the crapper, fewer viewers would be subjected to ol' Trav, and the station could kill time by having its biggest gasbag share his half-baked opinions in a commentary segment reminiscent of his now-defunct "For What It's Worth" feature. 

Because Travisty is as irritating as five or six normal humans, the show would seem like it had a cast of eight or ten. And if people can stomach Jimmy Cornpone in the morning, Trav might give him and Mayellorie a run for their money in the coveted shit-for-brains demographic.


Steve said...

Brummer is a trainwreck (and has cross-eyes). She is a tough watch.

I miss Stowell as the morning anchor but think she is a fantastic "main show" anchor.

Wysocki is funny as hell. He is good for the morning show.

bumpngrind said...

Not that anyone asked, but "for what it's worth"...I just can't see sports-tool Travis Justice having any free time to further ruin the ratings-challenged morning show at 3rd...what with all his other duties at the station; taking out the trash, sweeping the floors, and cleaning the crappers of the ratings residue from said channel. In these tough economic times, we all must do more...right Trav?

The Black Sheep said...

If they brought back "For What It's Worth", I'd never watch 3 again. I DESPISE Travis Justice. I like to watch Action 3 News because its graphic package is cool and I like the pace of it (no inane banter like on 6), but I hate Travis Justice. I want to punch the television every time I see his face on it.

Steve said...

Travis Justice...ouch.

I think Matt Seigel is very good though. He is good to watch on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

i like sheila brummer. she seems tons better than keri stowell. dean sysocki is very funny and together they have a natural banter that stowell and ct didnt have. it seemed forced. ct definately seems like the third wheel, but he's got the brains of the crew. i'll be he's out on his you know what by this time next week. my take (average household viewer) is that they were trying out ct and dean to see which one works best. its clearly dean. WITH THAT SAID, i did think he got too cocky when he put his feet up on the desk at the end of the segment on monday or tuesday (cant remember what day).

nebraska said...

Kerri Stowell is back on weekends with Devon Patton. Devon is a better reporter than anchor, I think. Kerri's lips look so unnatural. Why the emphasis on them? (better head for her husband?)

Steve said...

It's official...I'm done with the Action 3 morning show. I thought I'd give it a few weeks to grow on me but it has been a complete and 100% failure without Stowell. I was pushed over my limit this morning by violin playing CT and dancing...on her feet dancing...Brummer. I was embarrassed for some reason.

I know most people on here tend to be very negative and everybody sucks at what they do blah blah blah. I tend to disagree most times. That being said, who has suggestions for the other morning shows? I figure I'll give each two weeks to see what they are made of. Which should I start with?

I wish you could have seen the debacle this morning...my goodness. Unreal. I used to watch KMTV all the time, now I only do on the weekends for Stowell and Seigel.

Did someone possibly YouTube this?

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