Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Besides seeming too lazy to pre-read his copy, it appears empty-headed SuxNews anchor J-Pa Knicely is trying to lighten his workload by eliminating syllables from things he's required to say.

His references to the "Weatherthority," and pronunciation of  the station's call-letters as "Dubya-Dubya-Tee," suggest that the market's most overpaid waste of space could eventually get through an entire 'cast by uttering only a few grunts and chuckles.

Seriously, though, how long until the station's owner, Gray Television, Inc., cuts this windbag's expensive salary out of its budget? Given that its stock has dropped from $7.39 a year ago to just $0.47 on Wednesday, the clock must be ticking. Even the dolts who run Channel Sux should be able to do that math.


operationseng said...

One comment off the subject. Did anyone happen to see Sux's 10 PM weathercast last night? It had me rolling on the floor. Jim Flowers was telling us it would be in the 50's today, but the crawl on the bottom was saying we would be lucky to be in the 30's!!!! Guess they were trying to cover all bases so they could say they were correct.

They really don't care about the product they put out there. This really shows how much things have changed. Long ago, when I was working in the medium, we took pride in what we did. Guess this is what happens when you cut the people that actually care about what goes out over the airways. Good job Gray...!

Anonymous said...

Anybody catch Jim Seidlecki's quip about boxers & briefs on tonight's 10:00 broadcast?

"...and get this... nine pairs of underwear. We're not sure if they were boxers or briefs but is there a secondary market out there?"

Ew, Jim, really.

bigpoppaE said...

I wonder what kind of idiot would have bought Gray TV stock within the last 5 years?

Brandy said...

Did anyone else hear J-Pa flub Chelsea "Sully Miracle on the Hudson" Sullenberger's name on last night's 5p.m. broadcast? "Chesty Sullen-er-berger" Sounds like one of J-Pa's lady friends from the strip joint.

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