Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Maniko Barthalemy's pic has disappeared from the Channel Sux website, er, webchannel. That leaves the station with exactly ONE on-air personality who is not white. Apparently Sux management believes that diversity is an old wooden ship.

• Cross-eyed former SuxNews anchor Sheila Brummer has surfaced on Action 3rd's morning program, ostensibly filling in for what's-her-face with the lips that appear to be collagenated. Leave it to 3rd to pick up Sux's trash.


Steve said...

I enjoy Stowell...not so much Brummer. Ugh.

Dumb Anguish said...

Wow. Maniko was one of the very few on WOWT I could actually tolerate.

Smith said...

She had come a long way from when she first appeared.

Despite that, she seemed to be given the most fluff and insignificant stories....all the time.

I thought I saw her hosting some show on WOWT during a Saturday afternoon though...that must've been a one time deal...

Rick said...

Cmon. You all are upset that Maniko is gone? I'm glad. She was horrible. For a site that makes fun of the way people talk, like Jimmy Thiedlecki and Fubar Fazal, I'd think you'd be happy to see Maniko go. She was both of these rubes rolled into one. Not that J-pa is any better, but don't bring diversity into this either. They still have Chaps, don't they?

I am sad to see Stowell go. She was pretty good to look at, and I didn't think she was that bad of a reader.

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