Friday, February 06, 2009


First, Channel Sux decided to rename what everyone else on the planet would call its website; they started calling it their "web channel."

Then they put a computer on a desk and started referring to it as "the dot-com center."

Now, an alert reader points out another classic Suxism: they've started using Google Maps in their coverage and calling it their "news navigator."

No other station in Omaha can touch Sux when it comes to playing "pretend." 


Anonymous said...

yes, I have emailed them begging them to stop with the web channel.
They are "Dorks".

Joel said...

"web channel" seems to be from corporate. Other Gray Television stations use the ridiculous term too, meaning someone higher up than the WOWT management is to blame for that.

Omahanews said...

This is off the subject of WOWT and their "web channel"...which I still can not figure out what Gray is thinking.
But, who is Candice Sorenson from KETV? She is the hottest weather gal to come along in a long long while!!! Any background on her?

operationseng said...

I really like their promotion of this new item called a "web channel". They spend 30 seconds insinuating that young people should cancel their newspaper subscription and come to their "web channel" for news.

HA! HA! HA! That is the biggest joke I have ever heard!!! I'm not giving the Weird-Harold any props here, but this clap trap about dropping them for a "web channel" run by a bunch of "monkeys" that can't EVEN spell properly or use correct grammar!!! Oh yeah, SUX, I will be certain to drop my subscription to the local paper and pick up your piece of trash! I love being completely misinformed.

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