Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Every time we think the SuxNews team has run out of stupid, it manages to surprise us with its ability to produce more.

Today's exhibit (don't worry, there'll be another tomorrow, and the next day, and the...) is "Haley's Comment," WOWT's latest attempt at innovation. The idea, from what we can gather, involves sending a local college freshman named Haley Hatter, who was going to attend the inauguration anyway, to "cover" the festivities. 

Unable to resist, we took a look and were not particularly shocked by the low quality of what has been posted. Most items last roughly 30 seconds, although some appear to run right around the one minute mark. With riveting titles like "Outside White House," "National Mall," and "Packed Subway," the video resembles the kind of crap that you find on your own home video camera and say, "What the hell was I thinking?" 

Here are a few screen caps, to give you an idea of what we're dealing with:

Yeah, that's right. Shaky shots of the backs of people's heads at the White House gate, blurry images of passengers on a train, and crooked looks at a not-all-that-crowded National Mall. (We're not picking on poor Haley; this probably wasn't her idea, and even if it was, she's not the one who approved putting it on the station's website.)

But set aside for a moment questions you might have about (a) why anyone would want to watch this or (b) how many meetings and phone calls it took for the the SuxNews braintrust to hatch this plan; the real question is what kept them from putting it on the air (viewers were admonished to go to the "webchannel" to see it), given the rafts of sewage they dump in the transmitter every day.

However, now that they've lowered the bar yet another notch, why don't the Suxers build on this concept? They could have their "talent" add home video, give it a clever name (well, clever to them), and hype it mercilessly. 

We could watch Jimmy Thiedlecki trying to keep his kids from seeing the dog humping the postman's leg, Gary Smollen getting hit in the nuts with a tennis ball, or J-Pa Knicely just sitting for hours and staring at a cinderblock wall. 

The possibilities are endless, and we hope Channel Sux bigwigs will grant our wish by embracing this next step in innovative television.


Cynical Viewer said...

Speaking of approving things for Six's website. I e-mailed a constructive critical comment when they solicted on the air for witnesses to the Kwik Shop shooting. They managed to keep that off the website, and yet they put on video like this!
If channels 3 and 42 weren't so pathetic, WOWT viewers might wake up (literally) and start demanding some decent local news.

The Black Sheep said...

Shit ... I have a broadcasting degree and am a semester away from an MS in Mass Communication, and I went to the Inauguration. Had I known 6 was going to do shit like this, I'd have e-mailed the station and volunteered myself. That way it'd been halfway decent.

bigpoppaE said...

Black Sheep, what are you doing with your time? With qualifications like that, you should be anchoring at KETV by now! In fact, you may already be moving past your prime in hireability. If you wait too long, you'll graduate and be too overqualified for most positions.

whackydewy said...

KPTM had an actual reporter in D.C. Unfortunately, she covered it like a college freshman.

neebraska said...

WOWT is worthless. Seriously. Today GTN is trading at $0.38 a share today. Remember when you were worth $8.00 a share, like in the last year even?

Speaking of the last year, love the promo where you are pimping how great you were in the last year, and expect more of the same in 2009. You reflect on the Von Maur shootings in the promo, and don't worry about the fact that they actually took place in 2007, can't pass up a mass shooting spree when making a self promoting promo. And showing Chucky the weather boy, or whatever that was that was supposably IN a tornado with his web cam, whatever. How about King Jim and staff not even being on the air for the only tornado to actually hit Omaha in the last 30 years. Then also promoting that your new weather set will allow you to bring you weather better, faster, whatever. What in that new set will actually get you to staff your weather department during a tornado that you didn't have before?
Has anyone else noticed lately during their local programming how most of their local avails are just station promos and PSA's? Are you selling ANY local advertising over there? I guess that's how your stock drops over 95% in value in under a year. A couple of you high paid veterans over there better hope that the GTN brass don't figure out that there is a couple of quick ways to free up some cash over there.

bigpoppaE said...

Maybe KPTM's fortunes will change. As of last week, they are no longer owned by Pappas Telecasting. Maybe the new owners will do what it takes to give them the opportunity to compete.

The Black Sheep said...

bigpoppaE: Nobody's hiring. That's the bitch of media -- due to massive consolidation, there are no jobs to be had.

bigpoppaE said...

People were never the problem at kptm, it was that pappas refused to spend a penny on improving the product, even though the station is a pretty big earner. Now that it's no longer funneling that money into Harry Pappas' other money-hemoraging stations and idiotic ideas, it can actually do things like get equipment that lets 'em go live from places other than in front of the station..for example.

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