Thursday, January 15, 2009


We're adding what we hope will be a regular feature: a periodic scan of who's looking to get out of Omaha, based on postings at

This week, KPTM's Julie Hong continues to look. She's far too talented for DuctTape 42 and neither Action 3rd nor Channel Sux seems smart enough to pick her up. Maybe KETV will have an opening (Fubar, are you listening?).

Also on the lookout for a better gig is Action 3rd's Chriss Knight.


LankBadly said...

Uh, it looks like FUBAR is the latest entry! Farrah Fazal. No references from the current KETV regime.

LankBadly said...

Almost forgot:

Proficiency in Spanish and French, and 4 East Indian dialects, some Arabic"

But obviously, English is not a forte.

notontvyet said...

Did you notice the typo on the right hand side?

Sapnish, French 4 East Indian dialects

That is world class!

Anonymous said...

Looks to me that Chriss Knight needs a better agent.

operationseng said...

I've heard that "Can't-speak-o" Barthelemy has left sux...any truth to this rumor?

Samantha Eastridge said...

Julie Hong has "Special Kills"? Scroll to the bottom of her profile; either I don't understand media resume jargon or she's a ninja.

nebraska said...

Maniko left WOWT in December. Her hubby got transferred to Wash DC from Offutt.

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