Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Channel Sux's hysterical Ejacucast Authority Jim Flowers has done it again, predicting 3-4 inches of snow for Tuesday and ending up with snowfall  "near two inches," according to the station's webpage. In SuxNews talk, "near" means "less than."

By our unofficial tally, of the eight inches of snow Jim and his lackeys have predicted for Omaha this season, over six inches have failed to materialize. 

New office pool: how many inches of non-existent snow will the "Authority" predict for us by the time April rolls around? Side-bet: Will that number be higher or lower than J-Pa's Brick Tamlandesque IQ?

Stay tuned.

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justthefacts said...

I am so sick of the overblown "weather" coverage from every stinkin' local station in this city. Watching Ch 7 today, you would have thought we had an actual blizzard, with blowing and drifting snow that made the streets barely passable. The standard story lines of "slow traffic", followed by interviews of worried drivers from the BP/Amaco station on 40th & Dodge and/or truckers out at Sapp Bros, video of an accident or two that happened that day, then the amazing revelation that the furnace repairmen are busy. That's why Ted's list of TV news stories from around the year on the homepage is so funny. The funniest items always have a ring of truth to them. These people can't, or won't, think for themselves.

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