Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Count today's no-show snow as another strike for SuxNews Ejacucaster Jim Flowers, who on Sunday night assured us that we'd need our snowblowers on Tuesday morning.

Now, in Jumpy Jim's defense, just about everyone else made the same prediction, and the predicted snowfall did come within 20 or so miles of Omaha. We'd probably just let it slide were it not for the fact that Jim and his minions make their guesses with such smug certitude. And that they have declared themselves the "Weather Authority." Then there's also Jim's penchant for hysterically predicting Armageddon-level storms that never arrive.

Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore?

Say what you will about crappy ol' KPTM, their weatherguesser, Tyson Pearsall's "no-hype" weather might be something Jim could take a lesson from.


Jeff said...

Tyson Pearsall cut his teeth here in Lincoln on KOLN. They tend to copy whatever the NWS is stating and present it on air. KOLN tends to appeal to the elderly crowd, and that suits them just fine.

Flowers tends to be at the other end of the spectrum. We call him "Mr. Doomsday" because he seems to be first on predicting the big blizzards and springtime severe weather outbreaks.

It's probably best to see what Jim is saying, read what the NWS is saying, and figure out a middle point. Then you should have a fairly accurate prediction.

Cogitor said...

Unrealted comment -- sorry -- but funny nonetheless. This morning's Jim and Mallorie show (otherwise known as 10 minutes of yesterday's news repeated 12 times) featured the two of them standing there talking about Leno's impending prime-time show. Mal's closing witty comment went something like this: "At least he won't be staying up as late." Apparently she's unaware that Leno and Letterman are taping around 5:00 in the evening, local (to them) time.

News directors: Please ban all "witty, conversational" banter among your teams. It just doesn't work. It's nowhere near professional. Especially perhaps at Channel 6. In most cases around the dial here in Omaha, it's such a painful, awkward mess that it actually detracts from the casts. Give it up. Give us whatever it is you've come to call news, let the weather folks yank another 3 minutes' worth of guesses out of their asses, let Webs drool over the NU sports program, and call it a day.

Ted Brockman said...

It's always shocking how little the local TV yokels know about how TV works at the network level, or about much of anything beyond their own shallow lives.

Dumb Anguish said...

One thing I’ve noticed about the other stations is that they at least have the stones to re-print comments that question why they messed up on a weather forecast and why no snow was to be found.

I’ve seen KETV and KMTV do that a number of times. But you'll never see that on the WOWT comments.

Is it a denial thing, I wonder? Do they keep Jim Flowers in a room without windows and they just simply tell him that it did snow 4-6 inches afterall and that he saved all of Omaha’s Heartland families from certain doom? Perhaps to keep him in good spirits so he’ll continue to add the adorable picture of a duck building a snowman on the Official Doppler 12000 Forecast Simulator with Multi Vector Assault Mode.

It could be much, much worse. Jim Flowers could be in charge of predicting when meteors strike the Earth.

Omababe said...

>News directors: Please ban all
>"witty, conversational" banter among
>your teams. It just doesn't work.

That's known as the "Happy Talk" format and it's quite intentional. Some "experts" claim that viewers like it. (Yeah, right!) It does a good job burning up airtime where the alternative would be to deliver more, uh, news. Yeah, news. :(

Operationseng said...


Cool...someone else actually caught that completely ignorant comment by Malcontent Madducks the other morning. Can someone say "vacuous blonde". I sense she is quickly replacing Suzanne Deyo as the favorite whipping girl in television news media.

By the way; did anyone catch John Knicely talking about Constipation the other night? That was a hoot! Also; did anyone happen to catch John's attempt at pronouncing the Illinois governor's name last night at five and then again at 10? That was comedy at its finest, especially when it was apparent that when John was unable to pronounce the name; Tracy Madden picked it up and pronounced it correctly. Can someone say practice before going on air?

Never mind; this is a hoot watching him flounder like a stuck fish on a lenten Friday.

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