Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Separated at Birth Creepy Edition

SuxNews Reporter Justin Joseph and 1980s Cult Icon Pee Wee Herman


TickerBoy said...


That link shows how stupid the workers at Channel 7 are. The headline makes you think lots of people are driving instead of flying because of lower gas prices. But, if you read the story, the facts (from AAA and others) say FEWER are driving this year. But, some idiot reporter found one guy that's driving instead of flying and suddenly we have a news story.

Hey, jackasses: report NEWS. Stop sitting around a table deciding what the news SHOULD be and then finding the laziest way to report it.

TickerBoy said...


Here's some more utter crap. It's obvious in this story, some idiot worker went to the airport, interviewed three people and decided that was a news story.

The headline is people at Eppley have various reasons to travel with various results. THIS ISN'T NEWS. THESE ARE EVERYDAY OBSERVATIONS! People are getting paid for this crap!!!!!?????

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