Friday, December 05, 2008


We posted the remarks below in the comments section in response to a well-meaning reader's suggestion that WOWT's John Knicely did a "decent job" in his prime, but that it is time for him to retire. While we heartily agree with the latter proposition, we must take issue with the former:

At no point did John Knicely do a "decent job" as an anchor. It's hard to figure out how the guy is able to perform even basic functions in everyday life, given his total inability to converse coherently with his colleagues in unrehearsed situations on the air. (Can you imagine him trying to drop off his dry cleaning or order at a drive-thru?) This is not a recently acquired handicap; it's been with him as long as he's been on TV in Omaha. 

A second problem he's always had is his hands. Watch sometime: the guy can't keep 'em still. Even when he's only visible from the sternum up, you'll often see a hand sneak into the bottom of the shot. Maybe the pharmaceutical company that advertises a drug for Restless Leg Syndrome could develop a remedy for J-Pa's Restless Hand disorder. (They could also sell some to 
Jimmy Thiedlecki, who suffers from the same ailment.)

All this is to say nothing of the fact that he clearly doesn't understand many of the stories he reads, he can't emphasize the right words in a sentence, and he is frequently almost paralyzed by the names of foreign countries and world leaders (one former producer has told us of working hard to give stories containing hard words to J-Pa's co-anchors).

Anything perceived as a "decent job" by Knicely is probably the result of a hazy memory or of the low expectations that he has instilled in the viewer.


Hugh G Rection said...


OK...I'll give you that one. However, allow me to clarify something. My memory is fine. All the haze & cobwebs have been swept clean. Lowered expectations? Maybe.

I prefer to think of my choice of the word "decent" can best be described as simply trying to be kind. Or maybe I just watched too many of Andrea Bredow's forecasts! When someone hears the same word a dozen or so times during each cut-in, it tends to stick!

Merry Christmas Ted, you old curmudgeon!

The Black Sheep said...

In February of 2000, I was a senior in high school and I was interested in broadcasting, so I job-shadowed for Channel 6. It was in sports, so it was pretty fun and laid-back. It had snowed all day that day -- in fact, schools were out as a result.

John Knicely ended up being late in coming in. The reason was that he was in the hospital. The reason for THAT was because he got one of the fingers on his left hand torn up. The reason for THAT was because he decided it'd be a smart idea to stick his hand in his snowblower.

He told me all this when I met him (he's a very nice guy, and by all accounts I've heard, he is to everyone), because I had to ask him. Just looking at his hand required me to.

My response: "Try shoveling."

Husker Mike said...

Have fun with this one: John Knicely ; Twitter.

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