Thursday, November 13, 2008


Anyone willing to bet that SuxNews second-team anchor Jimmy Thiedlecki is smarter than a chicken might want to rethink things.

Honest to God, this morning, his co-anchor, Maladroit Maddox reads a story saying that a shooting victim was found at 15th and Dorcas and died en route to the hospital. Jimmy then says, "Updates on the man's condition were not provided; we'll provide more information when it's available" (or words pretty close to that).

Doubtless, members of the man's family will be surprised to learn of changes in his condition.

Will Jimmy cobble together updates for the 11:30 'cast the way he manufactured election results last week?

Does anyone ever sit this in-over-his-head lummox down and critique his work? Leaving aside the lisp, loud-talking, and general cheesiness, might someone at least casually mention to him that thinking about what he's reading is an important skill to have? Better yet, why not just "downsize" him?

Perhaps if he spent more time thinking about the news part of his job and less time coming up with inane quips to toss into his crosstalk with Maladroit, he could avoid at least one of the ways in which he embarrasses himself and his co-workers.


Allen Jr. said...

Apparently the leadership at sux is beginning to take us seriously, the first three minutes of the 11:30 news showed jimmy's lips moving but no sound coming out. What an ingenious test & one I am sure sux news will get a ton of positive feedback on.

Ted Brockman said...

It's just a November sweeps stunt to inflate Jimmy's 11:30 numbers.

Brenda said...

Did anyone see the noon newscast on KMTV on Thursday? When talking about the recent shooting in Dundee, the caption under the footage said that it took place at 52nd and "Murder" - didn't know we had a street called "Murder" in Omaha!!

Dumb Anguish said...

LOL. 52nd and Murder. Oh God, that's funny!!

Willie B Wright said...

Murder Avenue runs parallel to Shooting Street, which is near the Homicide Heights neighborhood.

Sorry...that was too funny not to throw in some puns!

Anybody care to try some of their own?

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