Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Our tolerance for local news idiots is lower than usual, so we've been trying to keep them off our screens lately. 

Fortunately, our alert readers have been keeping us posted on what we've been missing...

One emailer writes, 
The geniuses at the newsplex yesterday noted that a man had been electrocuted in Omaha while paining a house and was being transferred to a Lincoln burn unit. What in the world can  a burn unit do for a dead painter?  Even the scary graphic over Brandi’s cute little head said ELECTROCUTION….get those kids a dictionary. No one survives electrocution.
Another notes the latest SuxNews promotion, which sounds more like something the Mighty 1290/KOIL would've offered in 1973:
From the "web channel"
Channel 6 wants to invite you and nine others for a behind-the-scenes 
look at our brand new set.
Complete with a pizza party!
See John, Tracy, Jim, Dave!
Have some pizza!
And our favorite, from a visitor in town for the holiday:
So I'm watching 6 News because I'm back home in the area and wanted to see what differences there were. Like you said, it's basically polishing a turd.
That said, one mistake takes the cake ... and technically, this wasn't even made by the news department but rather the promo dept. Right after showing a newspackage about social networking that was absolutely uninformative and basically inane and speculative, WOWT went to a promo which advertised that exact story, not one minute after the story had just aired.
Fucking morons.
Boy don't we know it.

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